Instructions on How to FAX from Outlook or an Application

You have to create an outlook contact for the person or business you are faxing to.

1). Open outlook

2). Click Contacts folder

3). Click File - New

4). Full name and Business Fax has to be filled out the rest of the information is optional. Business Fax has to be in one of the following formats.

For Outside faxing: 9666-6666

For Inside faxing: use the last 5 digits of the number ex. 76666 or 46666

For Long Distance faxing: 91207666-6666

To fax, create a new message, in the To: field choose the contact you want to fax to:

Type your message or attach a document and just send.

To fax directly from an application, open an existing document or create a new one, select file, send to, mail recipient, outlook will open, choose the contact you want to fax to and just send.

You should receive a message after a couple of minutes letting you know if the fax was successful or not.