Teleconferencing Instructions

No cost method from state phone:

Teleconferencing involves the interconnection of multiple telephones. Most State of Maine phones have this feature and is often referred to as "conferencing" or a "conference call". State employees have many options for teleconferencing.

Basic instructions for 3 way (and up to 6 way for some phone models) conference calling:

  • Place the call to one person.
  • Press Conference (current call will be put on hold)
  • Dial the next telephone number.
  • Press either Join or Conference again. There will now be three people on the call.

Specific “in depth instructions” for all SOM phone models.

To locate model number:

  • AVAYA: lift receiver, models often have the number under the receiver rest.
  • Lucent: Web links to the manuals provide pictures of each model.
  • AT&T: Web links to the manuals provide pictures of each model.

To receive help on determining your model number or for further assistance, please call the Customer Support Center at 624-7700.

Responsibility for learning how to use the phone capabilities reside with the employee.

Premier Global conference calling at a cost:

Audio conferencing uses your phone or a polycom phone in a conference room that has speakers. Ready Conference Plus: Premier's Audio Conferencing product, acts much like the State of Maine's desktop phone conferencing capabilities but on a larger scale and is used most frequently in conference rooms that have a dedicated Polycom phone unit with microphones. Ready Conference allows for a central number to be dispersed to all participants and the person initiating the call is moderator. Visit the Premier Knowledge Base for assistance, on the left choose Conferencing, Audio Conference, PGI Ready Conference Plus. Another product that can be used via the web is Premier's Ready Conference Plus Web.

Administrative Details; Cost, Support, Services

The Office of Information Technology does not provide hands on support for audio/web conferencing. OIT has acquired a contract with Premiere Global ( to deliver audio/web conferencing services to all state agencies. Premiere Global offers several different levels of both audio/web conferencing services that should meet all state agencies needs.

Premiere Global provides access at .045 per minute per line. Premiere also offers moderators the opportunity to use toll-free numbers as well as direct dial. Premiere Global also offers web conferencing solutions to provide sharing of documentation, training classes, webinars and presentations. Although many people may not see a need for this service, it is an opportunity to bring a large group of people together without the travel expenses.

Premiere Global provides all State agencies the opportunity to manage their own account with Premiere. The following is an outline of how the relationships will work.

  • Each agency that would like to use the Premiere Global services must assign a services administrator. This person will maintain the relationship between agency personnel and Premiere Global. This person should also be the person that is financially responsible for the agency.
  • Each agency services administrator will fill out this form: Premiere Conferencing Request Form (e-mail to and submit a copy to Brenda McCamish.
  • Each agency services administrator will be responsible for coordinating any needed training for agency personnel. Premiere Global offers several training options; online, group and customer support.
  • Each agency services administrator is responsible for ensuring that services are paid for in the appropriate timeframe and that all billed services are appropriate.
  • Each agency services administrator is responsible to ensure that lost cards, terminated employees, and fraudulent activity are immediately reported to Premiere Conferencing.
  • Each agency services administrator is responsible to update Ellen Lee, Contract Administrator should they encounter unsatisfactory services or support.

Premiere Global guarantees 1st level customer support and is eager to work with the each agency.

  • Premiere Global will work directly with state agencies at the request of the Agency Contact (services administrator)
  • Premiere Global will bill directly the state agency based on the information provided on the Application for Audio/Web Conferencing Services.
  • Premiere Global will send wallet cards for each individual listed within 7-10 days to the agency administrator. Each individual will be setup with security access within 2 business days.
  • Premiere Global will ensure that agencies are given training opportunities as requested by Agency Contact.
  • Premiere Global will notify the State's Customer Support Center at 207-624-7700 (Mon-Fri; 7-5) of any planned outages.

Premiere Services and Pricing Schedule (MS-Word Document)

Master Agreement (PDF Document)