Instant Meeting and Secure Meeting

OIT offers web enabled conferencing solution available to state agencies at no additional cost. Through OIT's current Juniper Network Access product, state employees are able to utilize two types of web conferencing; Instant Meeting and Secure Meeting.

As with many web conferencing tools being used by the private and state sector, Juniper's product enables employees to share files, share desktops, give presentations, collaborate on documents and chat securely.

  • An Instant Meeting can be set to begin at anytime, even immediately. The intiator, called the conductor, sets the meeting, applies all of the invitee's role-level settings, such as authentication requirements, remote control, and secure chatting.
  • A Secure Meeting is a two-person support meeting that is primarily intended to allow a user to quickly troubleshoot another user's problem.

To utilize Juniper Instant Meeting or Secure Meeting an employee must be familiar with using the Juniper product. If an employee is not familiar with Juniper, assistance is offered by contacting the OIT Customer Support Center at 624-7700.

Instant Meeting and Secure Meeting work within the State's network as well as outside the state network. State employees initiate the meeting by inviting other state employees, private sector individuals and business partners through a secure session into the State of Maine's network and into the meeting. The functionality works on a one to one basis or one to many.

Key benefits of using Secure Meeting

  • Uses a standard Web browser and Internet connection
  • Works through firewalls and proxies
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Works cross-platform
  • 100% of traffic is encrypted using SSL/HTTPS transport security
  • No peer-to-peer backdoor

Click on the links below for further information on Juniper Networks Secure Meeting and the following link will provide you with OIT's instruction sheet.

OIT Secure Meeting Instruction Sheet (MS-Word Document)

Juniper Network Secure Access SSL VPN Secure Meeting datasheet (PDF Document)