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Data, Voice and Radio Services : Services that provide agencies with the hardware, software and support services required to communicate and share data via networks, telephone land lines or radio.

AUDIX (Voice mail) FAQ & Help

Service Facts: Cell Phones & other mobile devices

Summary of Data, Voice and Radio Services offered:

Network Systems - LAN/WAN Services:
This service provides access to state network services.

Application Load Balancing: Load balancing is a resource sharing scheme where two or more servers are used to run an application. This permits a more even distribution of the workload over available hardware and serves as protection against a single failure point catastrophic loss of functionality.

Radio Operations: Provide service and equipment for state Radio Operations.

Wiring Services - Voice and Data Internal Wiring: This service provides centralized hardware and software required to establish and maintain internet and intranet web sites,

Wireless Access - WiFi Services: Wireless Network Access - Both Internal State of Maine (SOM) Agency Specific and Public Open Access points, via SSID broadcast (Service Set Identifier, the name assigned to a wireless Wi-Fi network).

Telco Systems

Moving (Relocating) Services (Telephone): Relocating telephone extensions are called inside moves if the extension is within the same facility and can be accompli sed through an internal cross connection or an outside move if the extension is moving to a location outside the original facility and requires vendor assistance.

Outside Moves (relocating telephone extensions)involve relocating telephone extension(s) to any another location which requires vendor assistance.

Voice Switch (PBX) Programming: Program special requirements of the PBX beyond standard PBX land line offering.

Telephone Line Non-PBX: Land line telephone with a regular dial tone from Independent Telephone Company .

Interstate 800 Value Flex Line (Inbound toll free): The Interstate 800 Value Flex Line provides inbound toll free service.

Interstate and Intrastate Toll Calling - includes calling cards: Inter and Intra state toll calling, and calling card tolls .

New Facility - moves requiring large number of lines be created or moved: Relocating or installing new telephone extensions for an entire building or agency move is called a Large Scale Move.

Purchase of Telephone and related equipment: Purchase of telephone and other equipment .

Vendor provided services: Purchase of telephone equipment and services from various vendors utilized by Network Services.

Cell Phones & other mobile devices

Service Facts related to Cell Phones & other mobile devices

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