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SQL Express Services

The SQL Express database service is intended for small databases that do not require the level of support standard for full SQL Enterprise databases. These databases reside on servers in a controlled physical environment with managed updates, maintenance, storage, normal network file backup and disaster recovery services, but they do not benefit from extended service hours coverage, technical support or real time mirroring.

Benefits for users

  • A standardized, dependable cost effective server environment that meets the businesses needs.
  • Steady predictable costs.


Normal, default coverage is 7AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday. 24x7 coverage is available for systems with a specific need for this type of coverage In order to have 24x7 coverage; OIT needs to receive a written business justification. Once justification has been approved, OIT will work with the business on a service level agreement for the specific systems. Additional charges associated with extended coverage will be defined in the SLA.

Service Components Included in the Base Price:

  • 1 database
  • Storage is automatically charged the published storage rate
  • Maximum database size 10GB
  • No Enterprise Features: replication, no high availability etc.
  • Limited performance
  • Express SQL Server 2005 hosting.
  • Online backup of the database and the default storage and archive of the backups (Weekday full database backups by default)
  • Operating disk setup w/ mirror
  • Patch management for the OS and SQL Server
  • OS support
  • Facilities management (secure datacenter, UPS, generators, HVAC)
  • Primary and secondary server administration support
  • All OIT overhead costs (facilities, personnel, etc.)
  • Virus protection
  • Vendor installation assistance
  • Security - server hardening
  • Hardware monitoring (HP insight manager)
  • WebNM monitoring (Hardware, Server Services, database and log monitoring)
  • Operating system backup w/off –site storage

Options Available for Additional Charge:

  • High Availability (please consult our rates schedule )
  • Database mirroring

Rates charged:

for this service are in the OIT rate table

*When performance or increased utilization becomes an issue OIT reserves the right to migrate to Enterprise SQL services.

Service Level Targets & Agreements:

The standard production published service level agreement can be viewed at the following link:  Standard_SLA_CTS_Production Services. A formal SLA has not been developed specific to this service.

To get help and or order SQL Enterprise Services:

  • To learn more about this service or to order this service:
    • Call Customer Support at 624-7700
    • Enter a Foot prints service request assigned to the OIT Application Server team
    • Request assistance at one of the regular scheduled meeting with Core Technology and TBC leadership.

How to Escalate Service Issues:

    • If the published SLA is not met, the issues can be escalated to the next priority level by any of the following methods: Dawnna Pease, Manager
    • Production Services Windows Server, Citrix, File & Print and SQL Server Services
    • ~ 207.624.7548

Customers (users) responsibilities:  

  • Application support
  • Disclosures of any/all business requirements for specific databases
  • Disclosures of any/all security requirements
  • Application subject matter expert and tester in the event of an upgrade, outage during normal business hours or after hours
  • Core Technology needs to maintain a "maintenance window". This allows for routine maintenance on the backup infrastructure components
  • In the event that OIT has a need for equipment to be located in buildings outside of its main data centers, access to these buildings will need to be granted to support staff during normal business hours. If there is a 24x7 requirement for this equipment or any system supported by this equipment. Access to the building will need to be 24x7 as well as 24 hour network support is required for the building. Physical access to the hardware is required by OIT for the maintenance time period.

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Page last modified: October 17, 2014