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Ordering Computers and Equipment

Please call the Service Center/Help desk at 207-624-7700 for immediate assistance in ordering replacement computers or other equipment or to request a repair.

For rates/costs for computers, please see the OIT Rate Table

What is the subscription model?

The subscription model for PC services specifies that agencies pay a monthly fee for PC Hardware (Desktop or Laptop versions) assigned to an employee. The agency essentially 'rents' equipment and software from OIT which ensures that the PC is always in good working order. The subscription model matches equipment with employees based on job assignment and business need. The software and related tasks needed to perform a job drive the selection of equipment assigned to an employee.

Why do we use this subscription process?

The Governor and the Legislature have been clear in expecting state government to make the best possible use of its information technology dollars by eliminating waste and promoting efficiency for every worker in the Executive Branch including OIT.  This policy directly impacts how we manage PCs and laptops, since a significant part of the IT budget is spent on them. This process helps us manage and minimize costs through equipment assignment and aggregating purchasing.

How does it work?

There are two events that drive a subscription change order:

1. A new employee has been hired (two week notice requested for new employee equipment configuration)

2. Existing equipment assigned to an employee no longer meets the business needs of the agency due to changing requirements or malfunctioning equipment.

An email to or call to the call center (207-624-7700) begins the process. Our call center personnel will contact the employee and ask a few questions designed to define technical needs and current equipment performance.

New positions - no existing equipment assigned:

When equipment is requested for a new position, the service center helps you define the most appropriate type of PC equipment from our inventory. Based on business need, a recommendation is given for either a standard or enhanced model of desktop or laptop equipment. If the new position requires the procurement of nonstandard equipment, it will require a longer lead time and additional charges will apply.

The manager of the new employee should request PC equipment at least 2 weeks prior to the new employee's start date. This will allow our build center time to get the request on the workflow schedule and configure the required equipment.

The manager should be prepared to supply the CSC the following information:

  • Is the PC a desktop or laptop?
  • What are the agency and position specific software/ application requirements for this employee?
  • Are there any other unique requirements of the job that may influence the selection of PC equipment?
  • Is there any accessibility accommodations requirement? (e.g. Screen reader software or ergonomic equipment)
  • Do we have management approval for requests of non-standard devices?

This information is forwarded to our PC Build Center technicians who will review the requirements and select the appropriate equipment configurations. Our technicians may contact the manager with any additional questions or to discuss our recommended equipment choices.

Once the technicians have confirmed their choices, equipment will be assigned and configured either from existing inventory or ordered for delivery and configuration. Our service technicians will contact the manager to set up delivery and installation of the new equipment prior to or on the employees first day of work.

Equipment assigned but no longer working or will no longer meet needs of job requirements:

The CSC will use all the tools available to keep your system functioning effectively. If you are experiencing issues, please contact our call center at 624-7700. Our call center staff will walk you through a series of questions designed to define the current level of functionality of the assigned equipment. They may attempt to use remote service software to inspect your machine in an attempt to resolve your concerns as quickly as possible. If needed, a service visit will be scheduled to diagnose your equipment. If the equipment is found to be inadequate for performance of your assigned position, it will be replaced with equipment from existing inventory. Malfunctions or failures that occur from normal business usage are covered by the service subscription charges.

Will I receive a new PC?

Not always, we keep an inventory of standard and enhanced versions of PC desktops and laptops. These units have been inspected, returned to inventory and readied for reassignment. These inventory units will be assigned before new equipment is ordered. Our goal is to optimize utilization of OIT equipment while ensuring employees have the necessary equipment needed to perform their job.

Why can't I buy my PC at a local store and not pay the monthly fee?

The subscription model gives a great deal more value than just the base equipment. The fees covers: system set up, certain base software, Help Desk services, continuously updated protection from viruses and other security threats, hardware warranties and other infrastructure and support services essential to safely and effectively working within a complex networked environment.  Non standard equipment would also drive up inventory and repair costs.

What if I don't agree with the assessment of type of equipment needed?

There is a simple appeals and escalation process available. You may ask to speak to a CSC manager to discuss any areas of concern. If you wish to do so, you may involve your business manager and Agency Technical Business Consultant in any disputed decisions regarding equipment assignment.

What do we gain from this process?

  • Better management of inventory and cost savings at agency and state level
  • Better utilization of properly assigned equipment
  • Equal levels of service through centralized inventory, call center and service functions
  • Improvements in speed of service through use of existing inventory and consistent PC configurations.
  • Steady-state costs for budgeting
  • Shift of risk from the agency to OIT.  Agencies no longer need to worry about buying PCs that have to last four or five years.  OIT guarantees functionality.

What are the other impacts from this process?

  • Centralization of functions often feels like it is less personal than resident programs
  • No set refresh schedules based on age of equipment - instead equipment replacement is based on job performance requirements.

What's next? What do I have to do now?

You should contact our call center when you need to request equipment for a new position or you are experiencing loss of functionality of your equipment.  In either case you can contact our call center at 624-7700 or email the call center at Customer-Support, OIT. You can expect a response to your request to assess your needs within a short time.

What the Customer Provides:

  • Accurate description of expected use
  • Billing code
  • Clean AC power
  • Adequate desk space
  • Reasonably clean environment
  • Access to PC during normal working hours for maintenance and repair
  • Network jack within 6 feet of workstation
  • PCs usually require other services:  Network, email, support services which are billed separately  

Please call the Service Center/Help desk at 207-624-7700 for immediate assistance in ordering replacement computers or other equipment or to request a repair.

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Page last modified: June 16, 2011