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Service Facts: Cell Phones & other mobile devices


To optimize the cost/value ratio for state employee cell phone usage, OIT maintains a centralized state contract for cell phone services that leverages the large number of state cell phones to achieve the best rates. However, OIT is not involved with procuring or servicing cell phones and contracts for individual users.


Individual departments have their own policies and practices for who may have a cell phone, what types of phones are permitted, and usage rules and procedures on how to order. Please see your department or agency telecommunications coordinator for more information. (List of Telco Coordinators - State of Maine intranet access only).


Broken or lost phones (including Blackberries) or requests for upgrades or replacements must go through your agency telecommunications coordinator. Agencies have elected to maintain complete local control for these issues and OIT does not have authority to deal with them and is not budgeted to do so.


Blackberries and a limited number of other mobile devices can be configured to send and receive State of Maine email. Request your supervisor to contact your agency Telco/Wireless Coordinator (State of Maine intranet access only). He/she will obtain the Blackberry and complete the device configuration. OIT will then enable access to email, calendar, and contacts..


For current contract rates and one time fees for contracted OIT setup services:


Please see the OIT rate table


Blackberry Self Help and FAQ:


Basic 101 Blackberry training can be found at:
(URL if you are in need of assistance.


For help with messaging services on your Blackberry:

Blackberry FAQ

For more information on messaging services see: Messaging Services


For help with the Blackberry device itself, or with your overall phone service, contact your Telco Coordinator (State of Maine Intranet Access Only).

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Page last modified: August 22, 2013