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Conferencing Resources and Training

Learning Curve:

There is a definite learning curve to using any new technology. While the vendor and OIT resources may be able to help you select a conferencing option and supply technical support, it is important that there is someone who understands the technology involved with your meetings.  Be sure to do a trial run and use the selected technology before your planned conferencing activity. Make sure you understand your options for controlling audio, web, and video options.

We have provided a few resources to help you learn how to use your new technology:

1. Learning to use audio and web conferencing for more effective meetings.

How to Hold a Successful Video Conference (pdf)

Designing Interactive Webinars (pdf)

2. Use Adobe Connect for training and tracking student completion.

Adobe Acrobat Connect Professional Best Practices (pdf)

3. Links to useful sites:

InterCall Audio Conferencing FAQs (link to external site)

Adobe TV - Short Training & Informational Videos (link to external site)

Adobe Connect References and Resources (link to external site)

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Page last modified: October 17, 2014