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Select your best Conferencing Solutions

Selecting the appropriate solution for use with your team is as important as meeting facilitation.  Using inappropriate technology can lead to frustration for all participants in a conference meeting. Match the communication mode and tasks to each type of technology using these charts. 

Matching the communication mode to the task at hand

CommunicationModes  Generating Ideas, plans and collecting data  Reviewing  answers to problems  Solving problems  when no answer is apparent  Negotiating technical of interpersonal conflicts 
Audio Only Marginal fit Good fit Good fit Poor fit
Video Only Poor fit Good fit Good fit Marginal fit
Web meeting : whiteboard, app sharing and break-out rooms Good fit Good fit Good fit Marginal fit
Email or file exchange – no meeting Good fit Marginal fit Poor fit Poor fit

Effectiveness of Conferencing and Collaboration Technology

Type of Technology  Information Sharing  Discussion and Brainstorming  Collaborative Decision Making  Collaborative  Problem  Solving 
Voice Mail  Marginal Ineffective Ineffective Ineffective
Audio Conference  Marginal Marginal Ineffective Ineffective
E-Mail  Marginal Ineffective Ineffective Ineffective
Web conference with whiteboard and collaborative tools  Effective Highly Effective Effective Effective
Video conference with web conference tools  Effective Highly Effective Highly Effective Highly Effective
Wiki – SharePoint shared website  Effective Highly Effective Highly Effective Highly Effective


Learning Curve:

There is a definite learning curve to using any new technology. While the vendor and OIT resources may be able to help you select a conferencing option and supply technical support, it is important that there is someone who understands the technology involved with your meetings.  Be sure to do a trial run and use the selected technology before your planned conferencing activity. Make sure you understand your options for controlling audio, web, and video options.

We have provided a page with training and information resources to help users learn more about these services and conferencing in general:

Training & Resources

Audio Conferencing

Web Conferencing

Conferencing Overview

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Page last modified: October 17, 2014