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Storage and Backup/Recovery Services

The Backup, storage and Recovery service consists of automatic periodic duplicating customer data and applications that reside on network drives onto secure storage systems. In the case of an event that causes loss of data these copies can be used to restore the customers' data to what is was at the time of the last backup.

Benefits for users

  • Use of the Backup and Recovery services reduces users' risk of lost data and associated productivity to just items that are new or changed since the last backup. Data is generally restored within one business day of a request.
  • This service is automated and managed by OIT so the users do not need to do anything to make it happen except make sure their files are on network drives (local drives such as hard drives and thumb drives are not backed up).
  • OIT maintains up to date software and hardware to support this service and runs scans for viruses or other issues.
  • Additional services or levels of support are available if the user needs require them.


Normal coverage is 7AM – 5PM, Monday – Friday. To initiate 24x7 (or any other expanded) coverage, the business unit will need to provide a written business justification to OIT. Once justification has been approved, OIT will work with the business on a service level agreement for the specific systems.

Storage Service Components included in Base Price for Enterprise EMC presented storage:

  • Highly available storage devices (using internal hardware redundancy)
  • Customized Storage Area Networks (SANs) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) configurations to meet your business and performance needs
  • Proactive storage monitoring, alerting and reporting
  • On-site storage engineers
  • Secure enclosures in secure data centers

Backup Service Components Included in Base Price for Enterprise Backup solution CommVault:

  • Full backups once a week
  • Incremental backups four days a week
  • Standard tape retention
    • Daily incremental are maintained for 2 weeks
    • Weekly Full’s kept for 5 weeks
    • Monthly Full’s are kept for one year (These are the last full backup of the month)
    • Weekly & Monthly full tapes are stored off site after being on site for a maximum of 10 days. All cost associated with standard off-site retention policies are included
  • Standard restores
    • In most cases a next business day or sooner on file level restore requests
  • Recoverability testing & planning of application upon request
  • Development of non-standard service level agreements
  • Backup agents (licenses) for CommVault supported operating systems and storage devices

Available Options that may have additional charges associated with them:


These options require advanced planning with the storage team.

  • Real time full copies using snap/mirroring and cloning technologies
  • Cross-site Network Attached Storage (NAS) replication
  • Archiving options
  • De-duplications options (reduce amount of storage needed by keeping only one copy of duplicated information)


  • Any backup frequencies that are outside of the standard frequencies mention above under components of base price (examples of exceptions could be Incremental backups 6 days a week or Daily full backups
  • Off-site rotation outside of the publish standard (listed above)
  • Retention policies outside of the publish standard (listed above)
  • Restore request with urgency of sooner than the next business day, if a tape is needed and needs to be on-site outside of the next day tape courier window, a charge from the tape currier which will be passed on to the requesting agency at the vendor's current rate.
  • Additional Backup methodology options (disk to disk to tape)
  • Customize reporting and alerting
  • Non-standard service level agreements
  • Archiving options
  • De-duplications options (reduce amount of storage needed by keeping only one copy of duplicated information)

Rates charged:

for this service are in the OIT rate table:

* Rates are also shown for additional storage beyond the amount in the standard agreement

Service Level Targets & Agreements:

The standard production published service level agreement can be viewed at the following link:  Standard_SLA_CTS_Production Services. A formal SLA has not been developed specific to this service.

To get help and or request a service associated with storage, backup or recovery:

  • To learn more about this service or to order this service:
    • Call Customer Support at 624-7700
    • Enter a Foot prints service request assigned to the OIT Production Services team
    • Request assistance at one of the regular scheduled meeting with Core Technology and TBC leadership.
  • How to Escalate Service Issues:
    • If the published SLA is not met, the issues can be escalated to the next priority level by any of the following methods:
      • Call Customer Support at 624-7700
      • Contact the Sharon Horne, Production Services Manager ~ 207.624.9925

Customers (users) responsibilities

- related to this service include assuring that:  

  • Individual users follow state IT use rules and policies, including all security policies
  • A contact person and backup are designated to interface with the OIT team
  • Any issues or problems with this service are reported to the OIT team as promptly and with as complete information as is feasible.

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Page last modified: October 17, 2014