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OIT by the Numbers:

OIT by the numbers - a collection of statistics and data points that indicate the magnitude of services currently being provided. This is where we answer questions such as - "How many desktops are there versus laptops?" or "How many e-mail accounts are there?"

How many PCs are there in state government?

12,268 computers. To see the ratio of desktop PC to laptop PC and about other types of PCs - see the chart: Computers by type

How much email do we get and how much of it is spam?

As of January,2011:

  • Incoming email per day is approximately 231,000
  • Blocked emails per day is 115,000
  • Outbound emails per day 150,000

How many people have remote access to state network and firewall?

The best measure of potential users is by the number of SecureId remote access cards/ soft tokens we have issued. As of January 2011, we have 5,408 remote access cards & soft tokens issued to state employees.

This level of connectivity enables state employees to stay linked to their network and email accounts while traveling to provide services to citizens of the state.

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Page last modified: October 17, 2014