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OIT Performance Metrics: Service/Help Desk
Ticket Resolution

Tickets Opened vs. Tickets Closed YTD:
In an average month call center agents open around 5,000 tickets. The majority of those tickets are assigned to client technology technicians for resolution. This chart shows the number of client technology service tickets opened and closed by the month. An average of 4604 tickets are opened each month and 3324 tickets are closed each month by client technology technicians. This results in a running percentage average of 72% closed to open tickets ratio. Note: these numbers include first call resolution tickets and tickets closed that may have originated in a previous month

Charts of Resolution rates

Percentage of tickets reopened:
Fewer than 2% of tickets closed have to be reopened due to customer dissatisfaction with the resolution of their request or problem.

First Call resolution:
An industry standard calculation for service desks, first call resolution numbers reflect how many requests and problems are solved on first contact with a customer by a client technology technician.

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