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OIT Performance Metrics: Client Technology

Contact Volume

Total Customer Contacts by Month:
This chart presents total contact volume by the month. Please notice that average is between 6 and 8 thousand customer contacts per month. Most but not all contacts result in a ticket being created in the Footprints help desk application.

Customer Service Volume charts

How Customers contact us:
Customers may contact client technology for help or to request other services either by email or by phone. The number of emails are represented by the dark blue blue bars , the calls to the help desk number of 624-7700 are represented by the light blue bars

Percentage of Incoming calls taken:
The percentage of incoming calls connected to a client technology technician before the customer hangs up or times out in a phone queue is an important metric we follow. We want to answer the phone promptly and begin to work on our customer requests. An average of 96% of all calls are taken. The OIT service center is in the top 20 percentile for the national average of calls taken by service centers.

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