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OIT Performance Metrics: Client Technology

Build Center

Total New PC units built:
The Client Technology 'Build center' is responsible for preparing all computers for delivery to our Government partner organizations. This chart shows the activity level over the last 12 months. Activity has ranged from a low of 174 items to almost 450 units per month.

Computers Reclaimed vs. Surplused:
Each time a computer is returned to the client technologies build center, it is tested and reviewed to see if it can be reclaimed. If so, the unit is repaired, cleaned and furnished with a fresh image making it ready for deployment. Due to the age of many computers being returned, they are too underpowered, too old or too damaged to be reclaimed. This equipment is shipped to state surplus for sale in an effort to reclaim as much value as possible from this equipment. Months where the surplus numbers spike usually indicate a replacement of antiquated equipment when a government partner decides to upgrade a large group due to requirements of new operating challenges.

Charts showing build center metrics

Computers Built in the past 12 months:
The different types of computers used across state government are represented here. Please note that the variations of laptops and portable computing options add up to 57% of all items built over the past 12 months and 62% of all items built over the past month. Each year the number of desktops built are declining and laptop numbers are increasing.

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