Remote Access EMail for Exchange Users

  • If you are logging in from a state computer on the state network, you will be prompted for your login name and password (you should use your domain designation with your login i.e., som\lori.blier or mdps\jon.doe).
  • If you are logging in through Juniper you would login into your Juniper session the normal way and select SOM OWA mail as usual. When you do, you will get a certificate error dialogue box (click continue), you will then be prompted for your user name and password (your domain should be already listed in the third box on the form), after entering your username and password, you will get another certificate warning (click continue), you will get a third login box where you will need to put in your username with domain (i.e., som\lori.blier) and your password. You will then be will be in your outlook web mailbox.
  • If you are logging in remotely from a computer outside the state network to the https:\\\exchange URL using an RSA SecurID token, you will see a three line login dialogue box where you will put in your RSA user name, your PIN number and passcode, and a third box now available for your AD/Mail login password. There is a checkbox next to the password box that needs to be checked to bring up a fourth box to enter your domain login name. Type in your domain login name including domain designation (i.e., som\lori.blier or mdps\jon.doe) and type in your password in the password box and click login (or enter) to access your outlook web mail account. You must click the checkbox and enter your AD login account or the login to webmail will fail -- typing in the password only will not work.
  • If you are logging in from the state network on a shared computer workstation that has a generic login account, you may encounter difficulty logging in to your outlook web mail. This is due to an internet explorer configuration setting. If you experience these issues, please contact customer support. Alternatively, you can add your user name to the sommail URL to access your webmail account, i.e., https:\\\exchange\lori.blier -- insert your user name in the place of lori.blier.

Accessing State email from outside the State network requires RSA SecurID. Here are the steps:

1) Go to

2) Activate the checkbox "Use a different user name".

3) There now appears four text-entry boxes. Assuming your username is Jane.Doe, please enter the following:

Remote Access Credentials
Username: Jane.Doe
Passcode: RSA SecurID PIN and/or Passcode

Internal Network Credentials
Domain\Username: SOM\Jane.Doe or MDPS\Jane.Doe
Password: Password