Portfolio Management

In order to make informed decisions, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) must ascertain its current status regarding enterprise-wide IT assets. Therefore it is crucial for agencies to update their portfolios (technology investment/project summaries, IT equipment, software, and applications). 

Using regularly updated portfolio information, OIT's Project Management Office (PMO) analyzes project categories, risks, life cycle, interrelationships, benefits and strategic alignment with Maine State Government.

The team may discover trends, suggest collaborations intended to extend scarce resources and recommend efficiencies.  By taking an enterprise view early in a project's life cycle, improvements can be effected without having to "undo" work.  This process assists towards successful projects and a well balanced portfolio.

In addition to the portfolio updates, the PMO also formally assesses projects that may impact the Enterprise portfolio. This assessment phase is completed prior to the acceptance of a project into the portfolio. 

These assessments are generally conducted whenever initiatives:

  • use technologies new to Maine State government,
  • require business re-engineering
  • present high security risks, and/or
  • have high public visibility.


Page last modified: September 13, 2012