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Client Device Application Policy


Only applications that are relevant to business, and properly licensed, are installed on OIT-managed client devices.


State computers exist for official State business. They are strictly subject to the DAFS, and/or agency-specific, acceptable usage policies. Allowing applications unrelated to business degrades the performance of computers, and makes them vulnerable to malwares. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that State computers are best positioned to conduct official State business, at the lowest-possible maintenance.


This policy applies only to those client devices that are managed by OIT.


The Chief Technology Officer owns, interprets, enforces, and executes this policy.

The Director, Technology Business Consultants, liaises with Agency business partners in resolving any difference of opinion.


Only applications that satisfy all four of these criteria are installed on OIT-managed client devices:

1. Agency agreement on business-relevance
2. Documented Proof-of-purchase or Appropriate Free-use License Documentation
3. Availability of the native operating system installer
4. Availability of the License Key

Should there arise any difference of opinion regarding the business-relevance of an application, the Technology Business Consultant (TBC) will conduct a follow-up review with the agency senior management. If the agency senior management agrees on the business-relevance of that application, then that application will be allowed.

Users do not have administrative access to the client devices assigned to them.


Client Device is a computer (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.) that is assigned to a State personnel for conducting official State business.

Malware is a rogue application that disrupts the normal functioning of computers.


Document Information

Document Reference Number: 52

Adoption Date: April 30, 2013

Effective Date: April 30, 2013

Review Date: April 30, 2015

Point of Contact: Sandra P. Saunders, Director, Technology Business Consultants, State House Station #138, Augusta, ME 04333, 458-4388.

Approved By: James Smith, Chief Information Officer, State House Station #138, Augusta, ME 04333, (207) 624-8800.

Position Title(s) or Agency Responsible for Enforcement:  Greg McNeal, Chief Technology Officer, State House Station #138, Augusta, ME 04333, (207) 624-7568.

Legal Citation: Title 5, Maine Revised Statutes, Chapter 163 §1973, Section 1, Paragraph B authorizes the CIO to “set policies and standards for the implementation and use of information and telecommunications technologies.


Waiver Process: See the Waiver Policy .