Resolution Regarding Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance

Adopted 1/13/98 by the Information Services Policy Board

Whereas, the Information Services Policy Board (ISPB) fully supports the Americans with Disabilities Act's provisions regarding reasonable accommodations in the workplace, and

Whereas, the Information Services Policy Board recognizes the State's commitment to meeting the needs of its employees and citizens with disabilities, now therefore be it resolved, that the Computer Application Program Accessibility Standard dated December 10, 1997 recommended by the Information Services Managers' Group (ISMG) be adopted, and

That future changes to the standard approved by the ISMG be automatically incorporated into the standard unless exempted by action of the Board, that requests for exemption be directly submitted to the ISMG for review, that the ISMG forward its recommendations regarding the request for exemption to the ISPB for its consideration, that the ISMG appoint a standing accessibility subcommittee to evaluate and advise the ISMG and Board regarding technological developments and products for ADA compliance, that, where needed, the ISMG evaluate current State agency systems for compliance with Computer Application Program Accessibility Standards, that recommendations for upgrades and/or workarounds be made to agency chief executive officers and program managers, that the results of the evaluation and implementation of upgrades and/or workarounds be reported to the ISPB, so as to insure that all state agency systems comply with the Computer Application Program Accessibility Standards.