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Standard on the Provision of Private Sector Wireless Internet Access Services to the Public from State Facilities

I. Statement

This standard defines wireless Internet access site specifications to ensure quality service that is separate from State operated networks.

II. Purpose

The purpose of this standard is to govern the private sector provision of free, or low cost, wireless internet access services to the public from State of Maine owned or leased facilities. 

III. Applicability

This standard applies to all agencies of the Executive Branch of Maine State Government.

IV. Responsibilities

A. Compliance – All State staff engaged in operations, analysis or actions subject to or appropriate for the application of this standard are responsible for becoming familiar and complying with the standard.

B. Only those vendors who agree to these standards and terms will be added to the Approved Wireless Internet Access Vendor List.

V. Guidelines & Procedures

A. Office of Information Technology (OIT) Responsibilities

1. OIT will create an internet-based application form which may be used by vendors who wish to be added to the qualified wireless internet access vendors list.  Vendors’ applications will be evaluated, and successful candidates added to the list monthly.

2. OIT will establish minimum standards regarding a vendor-developed first page that will be presented to all wireless service users at all sites. The first page will include the minimum requirements included in Section 5 B paragraph (4) of the policy, and additional requirements outlined below. 

a. Name of agency or agencies which signed the SPA.  Agency seals or logos may also be included.
b. Name and Help Desk contact information of the vendor(s) providing the service
c. URLS specified by agencies in the SPAs.

3. Prior to the provision of wireless internet access service at any site, agencies must coordinate with OIT for a physical inspection of the site to ensure the installation conforms to this, and IEEE and additional applicable standards. 

B. State Agency or Collaborations of State Agencies Responsibilities

1. If an agency leases space that is desired as a wireless internet access service provision access point, the agency, or collaboration of agencies, will inform the owner of the property, and obtain the owner’s written permission prior to signing an SPA with a vendor.

2. After finalizing the SPA, each agency will alert the Maine Public Utilities Commission and/or the ConnectMaine Authority of upcoming new internet access wireless site(s) so they may be added to the statewide website (, and be included in other promotional information.

3. Maine Public Utilities Commission | 242 State Street | 18 State House Station | Augusta, ME 04333

4. Prior to the provision of wireless internet access service at any site, agencies must contact OIT to schedule a physical inspection of the site.  

C. Vendor Responsibilities - Agencies who have jurisdiction over the site where public wireless internet access is desired will sign a Service Provision Agreement SPA (SPA) with one of the approved wireless internet access vendors from the pre-qualifed list.  The Service Provision SPA will include the minimum requirements included in Section 5 C of the policy, and additional vendor requirements outlined below.

1. Site Usage Requirements

a. Must obtain all required governmental licenses, permits, or approvals and pay any costs or fees as specified in the SPA.  The State will not require rent or reimbursement for electricity used by the vendor’s equipment.
b. Use the SITE only for the location, improvement, and use of unmanned wireless telecommunications equipment unless there is specific written permission from the signatories of the SPA.  Said location, improvement, and use shall be in accordance with prevailing standards and criteria established by the Office of Information Technology at the time of the signing of the SPA, and without creating or causing to be created, hazards to the public safety or interfering with the rights of business activities of other tenants. 
c. Not commit or knowingly permit the commission of any act on the site which is a violation of any Federal or State law, or local ordinance.
d. Maintain vendor owned or leased telecommunications equipment in good condition, reasonable wear and tear and damages from the elements excepted.  Any improvements to the equipment are made at the sole risk and expense of the vendor.
e. Secure site equipment to prevent unauthorized public or third-party access.  As provided in the SPA local site managers may provide access.
f. Must not permit any third-party to locate any telecommunications equipment on any portion of the SITE used by the vendor, without the prior written consent of the signatories of the site’s SPA. 
g. Must not permit its location, improvement, and use to materially interfere with the operations of State, or any other tenants at a site.
h. Peaceably quit and restore the site to the agency at the termination of the SPA in as good order and condition, reasonable wear, tear, and obsolescence and unavoidable casualties excepted, as they are in at the beginning of the term of the SPA.  The vendor also shall surrender any and all alterations, additions and improvements to the site at the termination of the SPA.  The vendor shall remove all of its wireless equipment.

2. Site and Equipment Technical Requirements

a. There must be no connection to the State of Maine Wide Area Network (WAN).
b. All equipment must be grounded in accordance with the National Electrical Code and applicable Maine electrical standards.
c. Any equipment inside any State owned or leased facilities must be secured in a locked box.
d. All building attachments, access holes, cable runs, etc. must be properly installed, secured and caulked in a professional manner.
e. The vendor is responsible to ensure all work and equipment is done in accordance with applicable building, electrical, and telecommunication standards.  

3. Service Requirements

a. The vendor will monitor availability and number of access request and, if requested by SPA signatories or OIT, will provide availability and use reports.
b. Service must be available 90% of the facility operating hours.




VI. Definitions – All definitions in the Policy on the Provision of Private Sector Wireless Internet Access Services to the Public from State Facilities are applicable to this standard.


1.      The State of Maine will adhere to all currently approved Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standards, definitions and specifications regarding wireless internet access. Currently this standard is 802.1X.

VII. References


VIII. Document Information


1.      Document Reference Number:     2.1


2.      Category:     Internet, Network and Transport


3.      Adoption Date:     July 18, 2006


4.      Effective Date:     July 18, 2006


5.      Review Date:     July 17, 2009


6.      Point of Contact:     Wayne Gallant, Director of Network Services Division, Office of Information Technology


7.      Approved By:     Richard B. Thompson, Chief Information Officer


8.      Position Title(s) or Agency Responsible for Enforcement:     Wayne Gallant, Director of Network Services Division, Office of Information Technology


9.      Legal Citation:


10.  Waiver Process: