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OIT InforME Network Services Policy

I. Statement

The InforME Network has been formed to serve the purposes of Title 1 MRSA ch. 14: InforME Public Information Act. Under the direction of the InforME Board, a private entity is selected to act as Network Manager and to build and operate the InforME Network.  The Network serves as a self-supporting and cost-effective electronic gateway providing access to public information for individuals, businesses and other entities.  Using public information from State agencies, municipalities and other entities the InforME Network provides development, hosting and administrative services intended to maximize the delivery of public information to the public.  While much of its information services are provided free to the public the InforME Network is funded through a suite of fee based services that supply revenue to support portal operations.     


The InforME Board is charged with creating the policies and procedures for Network operations and the State of Maine Chief Information Officer (CIO) is charged with developing the criteria and specifications for the Network Manager service contract.  By statute these criteria include procedures ensuring that executive branch and semi-autonomous agencies as well as the Network Manager comply with the policies and procedures adopted by the CIO. 

II. Purpose

This document seeks to identify those policies of the CIO that are wholly or partially applicable to InforME operations given the following considerations:


OIT is the State’s technology service provider and operates as an internal service provider for State agencies.  The policies of the State CIO are optimized to the acquisition and application of technology by internal or outsourced providers under the direction of Office of Information Technology (OIT) staff.  The InforME model is distinguished from this in that it specializes in the delivery of services to the public, leveraging a statutorily defined public-private partnership under the auspices and guidance of the InforME Board.  Its operations are wholly provisioned by a private entity and optimized to specifically address the domain in which it operates.  Doing so allows it to achieve greater efficiencies in those operations that result in maximizing the delivery of services and information to the public at a lower cost than might be achieved otherwise. 

III. Applicability

This is the governing policy to be applied to the activities of the InforME Network Manager in the implementation of its applications and operations for Executive Branch and semi-autonomous agencies.  In addition, this policy will be considered to be in effect for all other instrumentalities of the State, availing themselves of InforME’s services, in the absence of similar policies promulgated by those entities.  The application of alternative policies to InforME services is subject to the approval of the InforME Board with the advice of the CIO.  

IV. Responsibilities

A. Pursuant to Title 1 MSRA §534 the InforME Board is charged with establishing policies and performance criteria for InforME.  

B. Pursuant to Title 5 MSRA §1973 the Chief Information Officer of the State of Maine is charged with the responsibility of setting the applicable technology policies for Maine State government.   Additionally, the Chief Information Officer is charged by Title 1MSRA §535 with developing the terms and conditions of InforME Network Services Contract that ensure that executive branch and semi- autonomous agencies comply with the CIO’s policies.  

C. Subject to the approval of the InforME board the Chief Information Officer appoints the Manager of eGovernment services, within OIT, as staff to the InforME Board and charges him/her to function as the designee of the InforME Board, serving its purposes as defined in Title 1 §533 - §534.  Bearing in mind that all decisions made and actions undertaken are subject to review and approval of the InforME board the Manager of eGovernment Services will perform the following functions:


·         Administer the InforME Network Service Contract in accord with applicable statute, administrative rules and procurement policies

·         Approve InforME services, as delegated by the InforME board.

·         Provide architectural oversight of InforME operations, in consultation with the OIT Enterprise Architect, focused on establishing a network which promotes efficient operations and minimizes Total Cost of Ownership during and beyond the term of the InforME Network Manager Services contract.

·         Facilitate interactions between State agencies, the InforME Network Manager and OIT and serve as the initial arbitrator for disputes between service partners.

D. The InforME Network Manager must comply with such policies and procedures as established by the InforME Board or specified within its service contract with the State as developed by the CIO and approved by the InforME Board.  The InforME Network Manager must comply with all changed or new policies promulgated by the InforME Board.  As CIO policies evolve, the Network Manager should attempt to comply with new or changed provisions or alternatively appeal to the InforME Board on their applicability. 

E. Upon the approval of this policy the InforME Network Manager should maintain on its website a list of Board-approved policies including internal policies developed to fulfill CIO policy purposes, where allowed, CIO waivers to State policy, and approved non-Executive branch and semi-autonomous agency approved for InforME operations by the InforME Board.  The list should be accompanied with a reference to the Board meeting date in which they were approved.   

V. Guidelines and Procedures

A. The following policies represent information technology best practices and the Network Manager must adhere to their evolving provisions regardless of the entity or audience being served.  The InforME Network Manager will have an opportunity to provide feedback during the development of these policies or significant changes thereto as they apply to e-government applications and websites. If proposed changes to these policies will impose significant risk to the InforME Network Manager or affect the continued viability of the portal, the InforME Network Manager will notify the CIO and the InforME Board.

1.      Information Technology Security Policy

2.      Web Accessibility Policy for the State of Maine

3.      Information Privacy Policy

4.      Payment Card Policy

5.      Internal Audit Policy

B. The following policies are specific the State operations and their provisions apply to information and services presented to the public by Executive branch and semi-autonomous agencies subject to Title 5, Maine Revised Statutes, Chapter 163 §1973, Section 1, Paragraph B wherein the CIO is authorized to “set policies and standards for the implementation and use of information and telecommunications technologies.”

1.      Maine State Web Standards 

2.      Domain Name Management Policy

3.      Waiver Policy

4.      Social Media Policy

C. The Network Manager must develop internal policies and procedures, subject to included caveats, that achieve the intended result of the following policies:

  1. Application Deployment Certification Policy

The InforME policy must include the following language:  Prior to placing applications into production the Network Manager will provide the State of Maine documentation that outlines the nature of the testing performed and include statements that in his or her judgment the application is without flaws and ready to be placed into production.    

  1. Project Management Policy

InforME Project Management Policy must:

·         Include specific provisions addressing project communication on projects for heterogeneous efforts involving project staffs from OIT and InforME.

·         Allow at the  agency’s or InforME Board’s discretion, for the creation of a project steering group to be composed of at a minimum agency representatives, the designee or other representatives appointed by the InforME Board and optionally a technical representative appointed by the CIO.  The group’s function is to be advisory in nature assisting the project by maintaining a focus on the underlying requirements, schedule and funding.  The group will be accountable to both the agency and the InforME Board.

  1. Remote Hosting Policy

D. Waivers

1. Waivers to applicable policies for specific agency services provisioned by InforME services must made per State Waiver Policy by the sponsoring agency.

2. Waivers to State policy required for shared InforME services must be made per State Waiver Policy by the InforME Network Manager.


VI. Definitions

A. InforME Board; as defined in Title 1 MSRA §532.

B. InforME Network Manager; as defined in Title 1 MSRA §532.

C. Designee of the InforME Board – appointed by the InforME Board. 

VII. References

A. Office of Information Technology  - Title 5 MSRA Ch.163.

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VIII. Document Information

1.  Document Reference Number:  47


2.  Category:   Technical


3.  Adoption Date:  July 22, 2012


4.  Effective Date:  July 22, 2012


5.  Review Date:  July 22, 2014


6.  Point of Contact:  Paul Sandlin, eGovernment Services, State House Station #145, Augusta, ME 04333, (207) 619-2244


7. Approved By: James R. Smith, Chief Information Officer, State House Station #145, Augusta, ME 04333, (207) 624-9424


8.  Position Title(s) or Agency Responsible for Enforcement:  Paul Sandlin, eGovernment Services, State House Station #145, Augusta, ME 04333, (207) 619-2244


9.  Legal Citation: The authority for this policy is established under Title 5 MSRA §1973.


10. Waiver Process: See the Waiver Policy[1].