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Information Technology Portfolio Management Policy




Statement of Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to establish the agency Information Technology (IT) portfolio as a primary tool to support IT decision-making.  An IT portfolio demonstrates the relationships among current and planned investments.  The purpose of the IT portfolio is to manage investments in IT as one would manage a portfolio of investments of assets such as real estate or financial instruments (e.g., a stock portfolio).  The portfolio enhances the ability of key decision-makers to assess the probable impact of investments on an agency’s programs and infrastructure, as well as on the overall state IT infrastructure. 


The IT portfolio:




This policy applies to all Agencies within the Executive Branch of Maine State Government.



Each agency, regardless of funding sources, unless specifically exempted by the Office of the CIO, must adhere to this policy to develop and maintain their IT portfolio.




Document investment, acquisition, and use of IT.  The IT portfolio documentation must provide sufficient detail for effective IT planning and management.  It must include the following:


1.      Agency Strategic Business Plan


            Goals and objectives



2.      Agency Technology Infrastructure




            Facilities inventory

            Knowledge and skills of people

Conformity to IT state enterprise infrastructure 

4. Technology Investment/Project Summaries

Project name

            Project description

            Budgeted cost for development

            Actual cost if complete 

            Development time period (start/end dates)

            Life expectancy

            Analysis and justification

Link to strategies and business processes supported by project

Conformity to IT state enterprise infrastructure

Technologies to be used

Projected yearly maintenance costs

5. Annual Technology Investment and Project Reviews


         Management Reports

Modifications to project



Conduct an annual update of its IT portfolio in conjunction with the agency planning and budget processes, and make whatever revisions are necessary for the portfolio to continue to reflect the agency’s management and use of IT. The annual update provides agency executives the opportunity to perform a comprehensive review of IT management and operations, and evaluate the relationship between IT investments, agency strategies and programs, and the agency budget. Included in this review should be summary information on each project within the portfolio.  The head of each agency must provide certification to the Office of the CIO by June 30th of each year that the annual IT Portfolio update has been completed. 


As necessary, provide in interim submissions reflecting significant changes to the agency IT portfolio.


Provide IT portfolio summary information with all budget submissions.

Include the following information:

  1. Project Name
  2. Original start/end dates
  3. Projected end date
  4. Budgeted cost for development 

State costs

Contracted costs

  1. Modifications to project (list each separately)

State costs

Contracted costs



Waiver Process

Should it be felt that there is justification for a waiver related to any area of this policy, an agency must document a compelling technical or business case which would warrant the exemption.  This documentation must then be submitted to the Office of the CIO for approval.