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Web Accessibility Policy of the State of Maine

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Performance Criteria

Individuals with disabilities use a variety of accessibility techniques and assistive technologies to access web-based information. From a practical standpoint, web sites must therefore be compliant and compatible with these accessibility tools in order to be accessible to people with disabilities. From this perspective, the following functional performance criteria can be used to judge whether accessibility is effectively achieved:

Maine Web Accessibility Performance Criteria

All information and functionality presented in a web site, intranet, or web-based applications shall be available in a manner that is:

  • Compliant with browser and system font size and color settings
  • Completely operable using keyboard only
  • Completely operable using leading screen magnification software
  • Completely operable using leading screen reading software
  • Completely operable using leading speech recognition software
  • Completely understandable without sound
  • Completely understandable without color
  • Clear and consistent
  • Unlikely to trigger photosensitive seizures