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How NexTalk Works

NexTalk is a software application that installs on Windows PCs and will eventually serve as a viable alternative to TTY's for the deaf and hard of hearing within all state government agencies statewide.

When a TTY call is made to the state government assigned phone numbers, it goes through what is termed the telephony server. This server converts TTY messages into a format that can be moved to the network server as readable text much like instant messaging. The call is transferred to the network by a communication card hooked to both servers. Once in the network, the call is directed to the user(s) associated with the dialed phone number.

An audible ring can be set up with a soundcard. A ring box appears on the user's PC with options for answering, not answering, or taking a message. If "don't answer" is selected, that user will discontinue the ring and the ring dialogue box will go away. This allows flexibility where there are multiple users within a ring group responsible for taking TTY calls.

When a call is answered, a screen called the conversation viewer appears. The conversation is then 'real time', i.e. as letters are typed from either the user or the TTY caller the other participant sees them as they are typed. A send button is not necessary. Proper TTY etiquette is imperative for both the caller and callee.

If the user chooses the "take message" option or is not available to take the call directed to them, the caller can leave a message for future reading. NexTalk can also send a copy of this message to the user's E-mail address.