October, 2002

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Attending: Pauline Lamontagne, Barbara Buck, Floyd White, Carolyn Beebe, Dick Thompson, Jeannie Arbour, Kathy Powers, Val Wood, Gil Whitmore, Mary Silva

Voice Recognition

Questions brought to table:

  • Should the committee buy software and give it to agencies to test?
  • Should we install on a laptop so we could take it to sites to assist with testing?
  • Who holds the macros created for a particular application?
  • How does this fit into any plans we had for a testing lab?
  • Should building macros for VR be a service that BIS provides?

The result of the discussion was that we should ask Laurie to invite her consultant to the committee to review what is involved with writing the macros for various applications. We'll also speak to Laurie more about the process as she sees it from her end. The committee having a better understanding of all that is involved will allow us to answer the questions we now have and move forward. All agreed this was not an issue we could put to rest in a few hours discussion.

Mary spoke to Laurie and there will be a representative to speak to issues surrounding voice recognition at the next meeting.

Also, the cost of Naturally Speaking Preferred V6 is under $200.00. (Price would vary based upon quantity)

Report from sub-committee reviewing current policies

The committee has reviewed and changed the software policy and is in the process of reviewing completely new web policy. The new policy is much more "user friendly" and should be well received by webmasters. The Committee will have final changes to that on the 25th. When changes are complete, they will be brought to the Committee for review and final approval.

Review of language that Val sent to assist in tightening up contracts and/or RFP's

Text sent:

ADA Accessibility Requirements for IT Services RFP's and Contracts

The RFP will contain a mandatory requirement that the bidder sign the accessibility standard if bid is to be accepted.

The RFP will require that Deliverable and Payment schedule include "Full Accessibility Compliance" or "Full ADA Compliance" as a deliverable. This deliverable will have a value equal to or greater than 10% of the total contract amount.

The payment for the accessibility deliverable will be subject to the same retainage as other contract deliverables.

The contract administrator will authorize payment of the accessibility deliverable based on successful testing of the system for accessibility compliance.

Discussion began with the statement that we really need to first improve benchmarks to measure the accessibility of a product (the sub-committee's work) before incorporating this language. We need to better enable vendors as well as contract managers clear methods to test for accessibility rather than simply put the check in the box.

Also there were questions surrounding the 10% of the total contract. Was that really enough? While it will be looked at further, Dick Thompson's initial reaction was that it was a good amount as it would cut sufficiently into any profit margin.

Assignments based on 2003 Work Plan

  • Training - Mary is working on these initiatives with BHR and outside vendors currently.
  • Review Current Policies - Sub-committee work is in progress
  • Maine Telecommunications Policy - Will wait until Jan attends in November to begin discussion as she has expertise there.
  • Plan and hold state accessibility conference - Assigned to Barb, Mary, Carolyn and Kathy. Mary will send out mail scheduling the first meeting. Done
  • Review and bolster contract language - This work in process with sub-committee and Val's proposed language.
  • Continue work with thin client vendors - Floyd is still active in this ongoing effort with others.

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