November, 2002

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Attendees: Valton Wood, Jean Arbour, Jan DeVinney, Kathy Powers, Pauline Lamontagne, Floyd White, Carolyn Bebee

Question was asked regarding the status of the Annual Report - Val will follow-up.

Voice Recognition: Conference call with Peter Cohn

  • Training costs from $9000 to $495 per user (current price)
  • Software hears sounds and matches to database
  • Continuous speech is user dependent
  • Training make take a few hours or many

    -Best users want to continue working at high level
    -Custom application take more time than

  • Training Process and Effort

-Enrollment - read a story 8 - 9 minutes
-90% accuracy is often easily attainable - the additional 10% is more difficult to -attain - 96% - 98% is attainable through extra training and practice
-Have to self-correct over percent attained
-Failure rate is high without training (3-4 do not use if not trained)
-Training must be one on one to be effective
-Must use software on a daily basis if want to be successful- may take months to be proficient.
-End user training - 6 hours for word type (email, word processor, etc.)
-Extra hours for application specific training

  • System Requirements for Pro Model

-Pentium III, 200 , 256K, 98 or higher
-Service pack 6 for NT
-Good sound system or USB IV 1.5 with 512K or better
-Shrink wrap
-Software Cost - $495 (media kit = $45 and materials if needed

  • 80% of voice recognition users are non-disabled

Maine Telecommunication Policy

  • Telephone based technologies
  • 165 TTY's in State
  • Approximately 400 people have been trained
  • Only 35% of TTY's are answered
  • Captioning
  • Awareness for people who cannot hear
  • Where are TTY's located

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