May 24, 2004

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Date: May 24, 2004
Location: Cross Office Building Room 300

Carolyn Bebee
Pauline Lamontagne
Kathy Powers
Kathy Record
Jan DeVinney
Floyd White
Val Wood
Steve Sawczyn
Eric Dibner
Ellen Wood
Anna Flewelling
Dan Andrews

1. Apple Demo
2. Work Plan for Summer Interns
3. Sub-committee Updates and Assigned Tasks
4. Other
5. Set agenda for next meeting

Other attendees: Jon Steuerwalt, Steve Hoad, Al Parks, Anna Flewelling, Dan Andrews, Mary Beth Walsh, Bette Manchester, Doug Snow

Next meeting:
Date: June 28, Monday
Time: 2:00 - 4:00
Location: Cross Office Building Room 300

Topic (1): Apple Demo
Description: Apple Demo of Spoken Interface was given by Mike Shabanek and Dianna Williamson from Apple Computers.
The presentation of the new Spoken Interface was an hour long, including a question and answer period.
Mike discussed new features and how they solved particular problems. The decision about which features to work on was prioritized by users. Currently there are four people in Maine State government who are testing Spoken Interface in beta. In July it will go to all developers. During this testing phase, feedback will drive priorities. Expected release date for will be in a couple weeks at developers conference.

Topic (2):
Description: Work Plan for summer interns.
The Web Sub-committee was going to provide input for the work plan for the interns. Since they have been unable to meet to date, Kathy and Val developed skeleton work plans that can be fleshed out by the Web Sub-committee and interns when they meet. Names of members of the subcommittee are in the last minutes.

The Web Subcommittee will meet and send out results of meeting within two weeks.
Al Parks is interested in being a part of the web sub-committee. Steve will add him to the list of members to be contacted.

Topic (3) Sub-committee Updates and Assigned Tasks

Accountability Subcommittee:
The focus of the group is on application software. Problem that continually arises is that the committee feels that OCIO does not have adequate clout to stop development of web pages, applications, internal software development or purchase of COTS (off the shelf purchased software).

Telecommunication Subcommittee:
Nextalk has been installed and is being tested with a few simple scripts. There are 10 or 15 users who have installed the client software on their desktops and are beginning to test. Questions remain on whether it is compatible with Citrix. The question was asked if we will we go forward with Nextalk if it does not work on Citrix? The answer is no. It will be tested with Citrix before the June meeting. The TTY letters asking if agencies want to keep their TTY's, have been sent out and most have been returned.

Membership Subcommittee:
Valerie Oswald has declined the invitation to join the IT Accessibility Committee because of the demands of her new job. There are three areas the remained to be filled: voice recognition, cognitive, and human resources.
The Accountability Subcommittee will work on legislation to give the CIO more authority in the area of accessibility.
The Accountability Subcommittee will send suggested legislation to Pauline for review.
Carolyn will organize a conference call meeting with committee members to discuss new membership.

Topic (4) Other
Kathy Record reported presenting at the last MSG workshops which is a two day workshop for new managers. The presentation consisted of a twenty minute presentation accompanied by handouts and her business card. She also offered the book, "Accessible Technology in Today's Business" to anyone who was interested.
Kathy Powers distributed a booklet on "Access 04", northern New England's annual technology fair in New Hampshire.
Eric Dibner researched the BHR web sites which lack accessibility. A member of their department has been assigned to respond. Kathy Powers offered assistance from John Brandt.
Ellen Wood suggested establishing a network of web masters to confer with to share problems and ideas.

Kathy R will send the handout from the MSG workshop to committee members for comment and will follow up with attendees.

Agenda for next meeting:
1. Subcommittee updates and assigned tasks update
2. Discuss annual retreat and set date
3. Intern updates
4. Other
5. Set agenda for next meeting

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