May, 2002

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Attendees: Kathy Powers, Carolyn Beebe, Floyd White, Val Wood, Dick Thompson, Mary Silva and Pauline Lamontagne

Membership Committee Update

Laurie Wills has agreed to join the Committee and it was decided to invite her to begin in June.

Joyce Kennedy has decided to act as a resource, but not be a full time Committee member due to possible conflicts with her consulting business.

Carolyn and Kathy will approach Jan DeVinney (the Director for the Division of the Deaf) about her possible membership to the Committee. In addition to determining if she is interested and would be able to fit this commitment into her schedule, they will explain to her the need of the Committee to have resources familiar with technology and ask if that is an area she is comfortable with. Kathy and Carolyn will update the Committee on their meeting with Jan at the next meeting.

Discussion came back to those who are on the Committee distribution list and have stated previously they could not commit full time to the Committee but would be happy to act as a resource. How do we communicate with these individuals, and what do we communicate to them?

Results of the discussion were as follows:

Scott McNeil will be contacted to determine if he is still interested in serving as a resource. Mary will do this.

Accessibility notes will go to Committee members only.

We will draft ground rules for e-mail communication. Those rules should state that there will be no forwarding of e-mail without the permission of all authors. Also, e-mail policy should include that you need to understand what is sent could be used in a manner which is not the intent of the sender. Mary will draft these ground rules and present them to the Committee for review.

PDF Discussion

Discussion surrounding recent publishing of high level documents only as PDF's brought up the idea of setting RTF as a the State standard. Because there is a question as to whether or not it will open under anything, all have been tasked with researching it and reporting back to the Committee as soon as someone comes up with the answer. Further discussion will be required depending upon the outcome.
Floyd will provide Mary Cloutier with MIST article on PDF's

Apple Update

Kathy discussed the Maine CITE decision to purchase 3 iBooks and deliver them to The Iris Network, MECATS and The Technical Resource Center.

Mary asked who had the Apple report from Madalaine and it was determined that only Floyd and Kathy had received it. Mary will forward the report out to the rest of the Committee.

Update from Dick and Pauline

Dick and Pauline outlined the plan to create a sub-committee to review current accessibility policies for software development, and then create benchmarks to measure standards and policies against. (Floyd, Mike Francoeur and Kelly Hokkanen from InforME were asked to staff sub-committee. Floyd has agreed, waiting for responses from Mike and Kelly. Floyd will ask Mike, Mary will follow up with Kelly.)

The State (possibly the Committee) will draft an RFP when this work is done soliciting vendors to perform third party accessibility testing that will be part of any software development contract. The efforts of the sub-committee will provide us with the ability to better measure compliance. Internal development will have to meet this requirement as well. Once the list of preferred vendors is in place, those awarded development contracts will have to select a vendor to do the accessibility testing for their project and include that as part of their costs. The contractor doing the development will maintain the relationship with the testing vendor. The State will deal with the primary development contractor.

Dick will meet with Harry to review process and ensure we are all in agreement with this approach. Meeting has been scheduled for June 13th.

Provided those invited to serve on the policy and standards review committee all accept, an initial meeting will be scheduled for the May/June timeframe. Mary will schedule the first meeting.

Citrix Update

There is still no letter from Citrix, although it was expected last week. Microsoft representatives will be in Augusta within the next week and have offered to set up a conference call with interested state employees and those within Microsoft working accessibility issues. Although they offered to discuss any open issues, it was suggested that we focus on Active X to address the Citrix concerns. All agreed. Mary will follow up with Microsoft on conference call, as well as continue to work with Citrix to get their statement. All Committee members will be invited to sit in on the call.

Term Limit Discussion

The concern was raised that not everyone was aware of what the membership committee meant by term limits and why the issue was being approached. Because there appeared to be some confusion it was agreed to put it on the agenda for the next meeting.

Chair Person Discussion

No vote was taken but rather it was decided to leave the Committee structured as it is currently until the next administration comes on board and then it should be revisited.

Proposed agenda for next meeting (June 17, 2002, Room 300 Cross Building)

  • Welcome for Laurie Wills
  • Communications Policy - Kathy
  • Miscellaneous Updates - Kathy
  • Update from Standards and Policies Sub-Committee (if initial meeting was held)
  • Quick update from Dick or Mary on meeting with Harry concerning contracts
  • Possible update from Kathy on Washington DC meeting
  • Update from Floyd on New York demo of TAMS
  • Membership Committee history and discussion
  • Review of last summer's plan
  • Technical Conference/Seminar discussion

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