March 28, 2005

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Pauline Lamontagne. Chair
Carolyn Bebee, Co-Chair
Kathy Powers
Kathy Record
Floyd White (absent)
Val Wood
Ellen Wood
Eric Dibner
Bruce Prindall
Leigh Wilkinson

Agenda Item #1: CPrint Demo - Lisa Sorenson

Description: C-Print T is a speech-to-text transcription system developed primarily to help support students who are deaf or hard of hearing in general education classes with hearing students.

Meeting Notes:
. A support service option for communication access
. Creating text in real time
. Keyboard based word abbreviations
. Automatic speck recognition
. Use as a stand alone or as adjunct to another accommodation
. Supports real time and storage of the text
. Educational software for student participation and note taking
. Incorporates client and server program
. Dependent on the person you are working with
. When would it be inappropriate to use C-Print? (legal hearings - does not record verbatim).

Power Point Presentation
Phases in C-Print Development
Display Options
Features in C-Print Software
Separate Text Displays
Keyboard and ASR Input
Network Capabilities
Education Tools
Benefits of C-Print for Students
Appropriate Environments
Captionist Requirements and Training
Other Considerations
Future Directions of C-Print
Contact Information

. Determination needs to be made

Special Note: Pauline, Kathy Record, and Carolyn thanked everyone for the hard work being done by the IT Accessibility Committee/Subcommittees and noted tasks that have been accomplished to date. In appreciation of everyone's hard work, a special cup was handed out to the team with a notation on the cup "There are no boundaries to what we can accomplish with technology, when there are no barriers to block our access." Goodies were also made available.

Agenda Item #2: Subcommittee Updates

Description: Subcommittee Reps/Chairs were asked to give an update of their Subcommittee's progress/status.

Update from the Telecommunications Subcommittee

NexTalk status from Floyd White

  • Testing NexTalk to NexTalk is very close to completion. We have resolved a number of issues that popped up during testing. Refer to the testing issues text document attached. Nancy has a number of scenarios to test with TTYs especially from outside the WAN. She will get to them as soon as her schedule permits.
  • Follow up E-mails and then phone calls have been placed to those who have not returned the packets that were distributed during our NexTalk presentations. In some cases we have determined that meetings are necessary anyway. We are still waiting for a few call returns.
  • Many one to one meetings are scheduled for April.
  • DOL Human Resources now is up and running as a department ring group. We have tested calling the DOL HR TTY line from DODs TTY and through NexTalk and all are successful.
  • Michaela Loisel is gathering the information necessary to connect the rest of DOL and meetings are continuing to iron out any remaining details.
  • We have met twice with DHHS/BDS to analyze their needs. Holly Pomerleau and Merrill Troop are gathering all information necessary to connect the department to NexTalk in all locations. We have another meeting scheduled very soon.
  • Existing 800 or toll free TTY lines can be re-directed with no problem. These numbers will be re-pointed to our block of DID numbers and will not need to be changed. This process must be done through request to the Telco group. Verizon actually does the re-pointing.
  • Floyd has spent a considerable amount of time studying the NexTalk Admin manual and working through the admin user set up and scripting process. There are two simple scripts for testing correctly in place and functioning as desired. We will be recommending basically the same structure to any agency that needs scripts in place. Jan D. and Nancy M. have both made it clear to me that the deaf community does not want to encounter many options nor choices when calling in for State services. In addition, since the scripts appear character by character, it takes a considerable amount of time for the script to appear in its entirety.


  • Currently doing pilot project with the Dept. of Labor, implementation plan is rolling out, technical side has a good idea of what has to be done, include cultural diversity training (Floyd and Nancy has done work on the deal cultural piece but not with DOL).
  • Do one department as a pilot, learn from that then move on to the next department(s)
  • Training given to DOL will be the foundation for what is provided to other departments
  • "Roll it Out and Smooth it Out"
  • Setting up planning for training sessions
  • Current 800 numbers will stay in place, there will be additional numbers as NexTalk expands access to state government


  • Update of NexTalk at the April 25 meeting

Update from the Membership Subcommittee

  • Doing some outreach work with additional contacts and ideas for the PR/Marketing position, including filling Jan's vacancy.
  • Work on plan at today's meeting

Update from the Web Subcommittee

  • Completed Hi-Software Training on March 10 (16 in attendance), March 28 (17 in attendance)
  • Must do the Hi-Software training prior to receiving license (have 10/12 licenses left)
  • Cannot share the license
  • Team will need a break before setting up another Hi-Software class
  • Kelly (InforME) working on Web Coordinator list serve to include WC backup person
  • Setting up Web Coordinator Directory: WC sign up, get approval from supervisor, complete agency information, sub-coordinator will also need supervisor approval
  • Administrative side of the directory is up for Kathy Record and Kelly
  • Kelly from InforME has special software and will be reviewing/monitoring all government sites and send report to the Web Coordinators
  • Working on training curriculum for using "InforME Templates" (Work with Ellen Wood as the Library has converted to the templates, has had to deal with various issues during the process, can give hints, tips, etc.)
  • Will use the "standards" in the training process
  • Need to work on additional training sessions around accessibility, making PDFs accessible
  • DOL is using a "Value Stream Mapping" process related to roll out of templates (work to cutback on overhead, reduce cost, adopt state standards and use what is already there, save time and expense). Value Stream Mapping exams a business process from start to finish.
  • Need to look at a Web Coordinator/Web Master position with BHR set up (set up skill sets needed, could be stipend)
  • Huge cultural change: we have web standards for the state and for accessibility - cultural change needs to be accepted
  • We are organizing state government, leadership positions see the value of it and management support is helping us turn the corner
  • IBM looking at "Ease of Access"
  • Need to create accessible web pages - need to move to the templates - accessibility is driving the change

Update from the Law Development Subcommittee

  • Working to set up telephone conference calls with 2 states (California & Arkansas) to talk about their law
  • Putting questions together for the interviews
  • One state currently in litigation- Arkansas (may not be able to talk with us at this time)
  • Working on contacts for CA


  • Update on Hi-Software and Template training for April meeting
  • Written status reports from Subcommittees sent out prior to meetings (send to Carmen by April 18th)

Agenda Item #3: Other Business

Description: Discuss other items that need the Committee's attention, sharing of pertinent information, etc.

CSUN 2005 Conference: Leigh Wilkinson/Ellen Wood report on the conference

  • Learned a lesson on how those with disabilities do make their way through the world
  • State of Maine be a presenter at the next conference
  • Leigh will share materials with other folks
  • Kathy Record is submitting an application to the Center for Digital Government
  • Ellen made good networking connections at the conference
  • Ellen will send her notes from the conference to folks
  • "Accessible Content" magazine sign up online
  • Soft technology is critical to the success of Hard technology - principles and guidelines with stay the same
  • Will the Feds change 508 to match WCAG guidelines?
  • New 508 Assistant to help with procurement and follows 508 guidelines
  • PDFs files: as good as the word or excel document you start with, what you do in word to move to PDF, do it right the first time
  • Web AIM: There are online tutorials for Web AIM covering accessibility (see handout from Ellen Wood)

Process/Status of Accessibility/Sliver Waivers

  • Waivers requested from the CIO
    • Header Request for Waiver
    • Web Standard Waiver
  • GIS Accessibility waiver due to maps (can use Alt Tags on some)
  • Sliver waivers - 3 state agencies currently

Accessibility Annual Report

  • Being printed
  • CIO request presentation before the CIO Council (CIO Council may re-charter IT Accessibility Committee due to ISPB being abolished)

Budget Update (see handout)

  • Credit to Judy Beloff for getting information together


  • Waiver Update at April meeting
  • Work on presentation to the CIO Council
  • E-mail April agenda topics to Pauline & Carmen
  • Rearrange the agenda
  • Send written subcommittee update reports to Carmen to distribute before the meetings.

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