March 22, 2004

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Date: March 22, 2004
Location: Cross Office Building Room 300

Carolyn Bebee
Pauline Lamontagne
Kathy Powers
Kathy Record
Jan DeVinney
Floyd White
Val Wood
Steve Sawczyn
Eric Dibner

1. InforME
2. Report on new members
3. Updates on assigned tasks
4. Discussion on Maine Law for Accessibility
5. Nextalk
7. Office copier/Office Assistant
8. Other
9. Set agenda for next meeting

Items for future consideration but not for next meeting

Next meeting:
Date: April 26, Monday
Time: 1:00 - 4:00
Location: Cross Office Building Room 333

Topic (1): InforME

Description: Kelly Hokkanen gave a presentation on InforME (Information Resource of Maine). She was asked for a general overview and to explain the process for accessibility testing. InforME was the result of Legislation to promote e-government. It is a quasi agency which is a private/public relationship that is self-funded. Kelly explained the services that InforME provides such as the portal, transactional services for which they receive a transaction fee, service level agreements, web design, and assistance to agencies who want to do their own web design. They also offer free services such as hosting web sites, providing tools and services, consultations, participating on committees. They have a staff of about 12 people. The committee would like to know who has access to the web pages and who owns them. Interest exists in possibly automating the acquisition of that information for accessibility testing purposes. Currently, anyone can change or add web pages. It is therefore, difficult to control quality. Additionally, there is no formal process in place for agencies to manage these pages. Currently, InforME is working with the OCIO to develop a common look and feel for a web page. The question was asked if there is anyone on the InforME Board who specifically represents disabilities. The answer is no in that the board member positions were determined by legislature. Currently InforME is installing new customer help desk software to keep track of reported problems, which will help in tracking complaints about inaccessible web pages. When InforME installs new sites, they use a checklist to test for accessibility. The Committee is looking for a web master who has a passion for accessibility to serve on the IT Accessibility Committee. We welcome any suggestions from Kellie based on her experience conducting the web masters group.
In the future the Accountability Sub-committee will attend meetings with InforME when they are working with agencies on a formal process to manage pages.
Kelly will participate on the Web Sub-committee as a representative of InforME.
Kelly will recommend a web master to serve on the IT Accessibility Committee.

Topic (2): Report on new members
Description: The Committee enthusiastically welcomed two new members, Eric Dibner and Steve Sawczyn. The Committee feels that it is very important to have a member from HR and will pursue that possibility.

Topic (3) Report Update on assigned tasks
Description: Committee members reported back with the results of their assigned tasks. The application for an intern from the Margaret Chase Smith program was submitted. The OCIO may provide funds for an additional intern. The Committee provided certificates of appreciation for members who no longer serve on the Committee. The minutes of the last meeting and the Annual Report 2003 are on the internet.
The Committee will contact the intern from last summer to verify that she is interested in returning this summer.

Topic (4) Other
Description: Since the meeting time was up, the Chair tabled the remainder of the agenda items until next meeting.
Because of a lengthy agenda for the next meeting, it will begin an hour earlier at 1:00 and last until 4:00.

Agenda for next meeting:

1. Nextalk update
3. Work Plan for summer intern/s
4. Sub-committee updates
5. Office Assistant/Photocopier
6. Update on assigned tasks
7. Discussion on possibly developing a Maine law on accessibility
8. Other
9. Set agenda for next meeting

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