March, 2002

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Assignment of Projects as follows:

Administrative Areas

Content Management

Review Web Site Content with team twice a year Mary/Judy/Barbara
User Testing, partner with InforME?
Mary/Judy meeting monthly to add content as required

Contract Administration - Dick, Harry, Mary & Pauline

New procurement language - Pauline and Dick
Draft new bid review process - Mary, Harry, Pauline and Dick

National IT access policy & program update - Kathy and Dick

Awareness Conference - Mary, Judy and Barbara
Kathy will consult as needed, but may not sit on team full time.

New England IT conference in the fall (I misspoke at the meeting when I said it was this summer. The first full planning meeting is next week.)

MESDA fall conference as well? (Mary will contact them)

Other - assigned to Mary, Joyce and others we may solicit

MIST (articles or column) - check with Mary Cloutier
Mary Silva first contact for accessibility
FAQ for the accessibility web site
Coordinate with Career Day to make accessibility a part of the program
Award Process
Schedule speakers who can assist with ongoing awareness training

Legislative Hearing - Joyce and Barbara

Make a proposal for captioning of hearings

Web Site Audit Process - Mary, Barbara, Judy, Kathy and Joyce

Agency self audit process
Review of results, three times a year
Updating web accessibility standards - when should this start?

Product Research & Testing - Jeannie, Terry, Floyd (solicit others as needed)

Software (Vendor & Internal)

Specific Products we are, or need to, look at

Citrix - national reporting
First Class
Acrobat PDF - who does this?/AT does exist


TTY Training - DoD & Mary

Assigned to HR (John) & Mary

Software Development (Needs Assessment)
Software Development Training

Web Accessibility - Leesa Lavigne, Mary and Judy


New Employee Orientation - Mary and HR

Add Accessibility to orientation.
Physical and Technology accessibility covered

Accessibility Meeting
Preliminary Agenda for 4/16/02,
Cross Office Bldg., Conf. RM 300
2:00 - 4:00

2:00 - 2:15: Questions on updates sent by Mary (excluding Citrix)

2:15 - 2:30 Contract language update - Dick/Pauline

2:30 - 2:40 Apple update - Kathy

2:40 - 3:00 Accessibility chair discussion

This came up again at the last meeting. I thought maybe we could have those that have made suggestions lead the discussion and then we could take a vote to see if we could settle this discussion. If most do not want to have this discussion, let me know and I'll take it off the agenda. My suggestion is that Val addresses his suggestion that we should have a chair for a year at a time. Gil speak to his suggestion that I chair it, and Floyd review his perspective on the rotating chair.

3:00 - 3:15 Citrix discussion - Next Steps

3:15 - 3:45 Discussion surrounding response to Missouri - Kathy
(Kathy's e-mail is attached)

3:45 - 4:00 Agenda for next meeting

Hi All

The inquiry below came from my counterpart in Missouri. Some of you may remember Diane who came to Maine a couple of years ago when we met with the NY folks about an accessible IT national effort.

Mary--can we put this on the agenda for the next meeting to discuss a response? Kathy

Missouri is currently developing a comprehensive set of procurement policies related to IT accessibility to implement our state statute requirements for IT access. We are tentatively looking at a two level approach to verification of compliance with state adopted access standards:

1. Vendor "self-certification" of compliance with standards along with
rather tight contract language which requires any non-compliance with standards NOT self identified in the procurement process be fixed at no cost to the state. This would be used primarily for commercial product purchases. (In case you were going to ask -- no the industry is not happy with our contract language, we've let one contract with it to date, but so far looks like this is the direction we are going.)

2. An internal compliance verification process using a standardized set of testing protocols.
This would be used primarily for custom designed software systems.

I'm contacting each of you because I think you might be able to share some forms of standardized testing protocols that we could review to see if we would be able assemble to resources necessary to implement this approach. Any information you could share would be most helpful. If you need to forward this request to someone else, please do that also.

Thanks so much,

Dr. Diane Cordry Golden, Director
Missouri Assistive Technology Council
816/350-5280 (direct voice)

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