June 16, 2003

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Cross Office Building, Room 300 1:00 - 4:00
Attending: Val, Betty, Steve, Dave, Tammy, Pauline, Kathy, Anna, Carolyn, Eric, Nancy

Agenda Topics:

NextTalk Demo

  • NextTalk Overview by vendor
  • Vendor proposed same model as Illinois - 500/600 TTY's, now have two T1's but it doesn't appear that they use more than one at any given time.
  • Anything later than '95 works
  • Messages can be saved so excellent record of calls
  • Steve says product very accessible/excellent method of collaboration
  • Card can handle 96 calls at once/4 ports and low cards
  • T1 card = $4000.00/software $499.00 one port one time fee
  • License for client = $50.00 per account, one time fee
  • Users can have the same ID as our mail users

Questions to be answered by State Of Maine

  • Identify all costs
  • Determine if better ROI for full hosting or partial hosting, or full state support
  • Do we create menu driven system or promote calls going to live person (Steve feels that we should go to live person.)
  • Should we do pilot with high use agency? (DHS, BDS, Labor?)
  • How do we scope the hardware/software - what is current number of calls?

Next Steps

  • Recommendation of full committee?
  • Action plan developed by sub-committee?
  • Need a full demo for management?
  • Who handles cost analysis?

Jan - Telecommunication's sub-committee will work details. Continue testing, and finalize results, coordinate with final plan and suggestion of possible pilot.

Telecommunications Sub-Committee Meeting
July 2, 2003
Cross Building, Room 300

Attending: Jan, Val, Kathy, Eric, Mary, Anna, Nancy

Overview of testing to date:

Jan presented summary of all issues gathered to date. Overwhelmingly many of the issues pointed to lack of technical support and direction from vendor. Decision was made to regroup and continue with testing. Kathy, Val, Mary and Anna will be gathering additional detailed information from USDOE and state of IL on their installations, as well as input from those from the deaf community utilizing this technology. Also, we will work with vendor to get additional assistance with call flow. Anna created some scripts before and during the testing that assisted greatly with the process.

General Discussion: Jan reported video relay services that were being deployed and funded through FCC. Also discussion on how many constituents used current relay services. Kathy noted that there will not be one solution. We need to evaluate and deploy multiple solutions in order to meet the various needs of consumers. Committee will look to Governor's Office to address the current situations of TTYs not being answered.

Next sub-committee meeting to be held at 1:00, July 21st.

Anna's review of accessibility pilot

Anna reviewed status, input from pilot members and plans to move forward throughout the summer. Also discussed her meetings with interested parties throughout the state and research of work other states have done. She asked that the group e-mail her with additional suggestions and/or comments.

Offsite Annual Meeting

Daylong session in August - Mary will organize. Cohen Center is reasonable; Maple Hill Farm is as well. Also research the availability of a facilitator. I've booked Maple Hill Farm for the 18th, which is our scheduled August meeting. Total cost is less than $500.00. I'm still working on a facilitator.

Update from sub-committees

Policy Sub-committee

Go for June ISPB to get approval of new web policy if cannot get on July or August agendas. We are on the agenda for September. Becky decided not to have a July or August meeting given vacations and the fact that the Governor has not appointed the new members of the group, and June was a full agenda. Val will be giving the presentation.

The next meeting for the Policy Sub-committee has been set up for Thursday, July 24th at BIS from 10:00 to noon.

Membership Sub-committee

What to ensure usability/access of state information
Broaden resources for Committee
Identify consumer groups and councils that could assist in providing feedback.
Put together letter, explaining initiative, how do we make sure this can be managed?

  • Me Chapter Fed of Blind
  • American council of the blind
  • State rehabilitation council
  • Learning disability council
  • Deaf/Hard of hearing groups

Steve thinks this is a great idea to get feedback as to what is working and what is not working. Can someone with a disability access the webpage or software is the bottom line. Timing is good to coordinate with Anna's work.

Schedule another meeting of those on membership sub-committee. Meeting tentatively scheduled for 8/11.

New Business

Steve - Recent press release Alva press release on Apple screenreader. Support would be honored until the end of this year. No access to the blind in the MAC world. How does this affect the Apple laptop program? No access for 9.2 at the end of the year. Can this hinder collaboration between students if one has MAC and one has PC? Follow up with Dick and/or Tony to address this concern. Mary contact Tony? Mary and Kathy have both been in touch with Tony and project team to express concerns. Tony expected answer from team by 7/7 as to what the new plan is.

IT Accessibility Committee Agenda
July 21, 2003
2:00 - 4:00
Cross Office Building, Room 300

  • 2:00 - 2:30 NexTalk Update - Jan
  • 2:30 - 2:45 Update on Apple accessibility issue - Kathy/Val/Mary
  • 2:45 - 3:15 Update on Web Accessibility Pilot - Anna
  • 3:15 - 3:45 Draft Agenda for Annual Meeting, August 18th - All
  • 3:45 - 4:00 New business - All

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