June, 2002

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Welcome: New Member Laurie Wills

  • Reviewed the minutes and prioritized the agenda
  • Carolyn and Kathy to meet with Jan Devinney June 20th
  • Mary will do another follow-up with Scott McNeil regarding membership
  • Mary presented e-mail communication ground rules and they were approved (see attached)
  • PDF discussion related to state standard of HTML or RTF. This continues to be under review. However, HTML seems to be the most accessible to all.
  • Apple update: Kathy reviewed that 5 individuals have signed a nondisclosure agreement with Apple. She reviewed a process for tracking accessibility.
  • According to Mary and Dick, Harry has approved the draft for the third party accessibility testing. (Please see CIO's June monthly report to the Governor).
  • Kathy identified a site from AFB for alternative formats and will forward to the committee.
  • Citrix/Microsoft: "Accessibility-we're working on it").
  • Laurie Wills reported that Peter Cohen is the new specialist for voice recognition.
  • Communication Policy: Eric Dibner from Bureau of Rehabilitation Services would like to meet with the committee to review how to coordinate efforts.
  • Washington DC meeting: Kathy reported many states are challenged financially and concerns with accessibility initiatives and how they will do in the current financial climate. Maine is not alone in this area.
  • NY TAMS Presentation: Dennis from BIS partnered with Deb Buck on a panel. Very well received and asked to present at another large conference.
  • DHS new system: Floyd update.
  • Requesting financial update from Mary/Val on how much money in Accessibility Account.
  • Mary reported that the fall New England conference in Portland which will be for Business IT folks will have a session on Accessibility.
  • Agenda Next Meeting:
  • Update from the Membership Committee
  • Eric Dibner Guest Bureau of Rehabilitation Services to review his initiatives and how we might coordinate.
  • Review New Employee Training ie ADA, IT etc.
  • Accessibility Training for State Employees (first/last one done in 1998)
  • Review of last summer's plan/Explore process to put together past, present and future work and priorities.

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