July, 2002

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Attendees - Carolyn Bebee, Rehab Services, Labor
Kathy Powers, Maine CITE
Pauline Lamontagne, Education
Mary Silva, CIO Staff
Laurie Wills, Health Insurance
Eric Dibner, Labor
Barbara Buck, Bureau of Information Services

Eric Dibner was introduced as the new ADA Coordinator for the Department of Labor. He will be working with other Departments ADA coordinators to Implement the ADA act through training and policy.
Eric invited members to his meeting with ADA staff/reps from all Departments (different Departments have different titles and/or expectations of this staff) this meeting will be held on Wednesday the 24th from 9:00 to 12:00 at the Nash School.

Eric provided the following outline as a guide for ADA Access Policy:

State Of Maine

Access to programs, services and activities

Accommodations for participants
Customer Service and public contact
Interpreters, CART, Braille, alternative formats
Modifications for test
Computers and software (need general policy)

Public events
Certified facilities list (acceptable to public)

Equally effective communication
TTY listings and usage
Public Announcements

Departmental adoption
Resource Materials
Training (new employees)

Proposed Technical and/or Awareness Training

Mary is meeting with vendors to review accessibility awareness training as well as technical training in building accessible PDF documents. She will bring costs and more details to the Committee before determining whether or not to move forward with training. CIO's Office will fund. Floyd's article on PDFs was forwarded to vendors 7/15/2002.

NE Business Conference

Kathy stated she still had not received information on the conference. Mary sent out the draft documents to full Committee 7/16. Conference Chairperson confirmed date has been finalized for 9/25/2002.

New Employee Training

Discussion centered on what we could include in mandatory new employee training, as well as training opportunities. Mary had spoken to training department about requirement accessible design to be required for programming/web design personnel. (Vendors contacted have yet to provide proposed curriculum for such training) Laurie reviewed some of the efforts of State Training and John McClintock's position and role. How can we work with State Training to get in the catalog with regular courses? Mary has requested time with Elaine Trubee and John McClintock to determine what times might be available on their fall schedule and how do we go about making accessibility training a piece of each mandatory training for new state employees and/or supervisors.

Mary has meeting set up with BHR on 7/29 to go over proposals.

Mary, Kathy and Carolyn meeting August 8th to consolidate accomplishments and work plan for committee to review at the August 19th Meeting.

Membership Committee

Carolyn provided a quick summary of Membership Committee work. The outline is as follows:

" One year proposal
" Roles include a staff person and a chair
" Chair person facilitates for one year
" Focused membership on Areas of expertise rather than individuals
" Staff person would do minutes
" Suggested Mary as Staff person
" If chair (facilitator) or staff person (minutes) need to miss a meeting, all members of committee are available to substitute based on our "by alphabet" rotation method.
" Requested bi-monthly reports from CIO's Office
" August would stay as month for annual meeting to:

1) Reassess membership
2) Review our method of conducting business
3) Review the year's accomplishments
4) Set-up the work plan for the coming year.

Annual Report due in October each year

How do we have Community Representation: Consider rather than a member, identifying advisory councils, consumer groups, list serves etc. The committee could forward quarterly reports of issues, how they're being addressed etc. Also, this may be a way to set up requests for outside voluntary assistance to explore websites etc. for accessibility and report back to the agencies and accessibility committee.

Accessibility Advisory Group: Identify individuals who have expertise in a number of areas to be on cc list for review and comment on issues.

Recheck with members on whether the third Monday of the month is the best day for regular meetings. With the holiday issue and sometimes having to move to a Tuesday and possible furlough days coming tied to holidays, the committee may want to consider a mid week day.

It was decided that Membership Proposal should be the first item on the August Meeting agenda.

IT Accessibility Committee
Agenda for
August 19, 2002
Cross Office Bldg, Room 300
2:00 - 4:00

" Membership Committee Proposal and Final Decision

" Work Plan

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