January 24, 2005

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Date: January 24, 2005
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 PM
Location: COB Room 300  

Members Present: Carolyn Bebee Kathy Powers Kathy Record Floyd White Val Wood Eric Dibner Bruce Prindall
Members Not Present: Leigh Wilkinson Pauline Lamontagne (excused from meeting due to another commitment) Jan DeVinney Ellen Wood

Agenda Items:
1. Focus Area Work Plans
2. Budget Expenses
3. Subcommittee & NexTalk Updates

  • Membership
  • NexTalk
  • Statewide Law & Research Development
  • Web

4. Vendors Attending Meetings
5. Annual Report

Agenda Item #1: Focus Area Work Plans

Notes: Each subcommittee is to complete focus area plans describing: focus area, focus area leader, responsible subcommittee, priorities, success measures, tasks involved, person(s) assigned to the task(s), timeline, and budget impact.

Decision/Conclusions: Kathy send E-mail to the Focus Group Leaders, Focus Group Leaders will contact responsible parties to complete focus area templates, and Complete Focus Area Templates and send to Kathy Record within 10 days.
Agenda Item #2: Accessibility Budget Expenses

Notes: Discussion on the expenses being charged to Accessibility: certified interpreting, courses, software, interns (Dan and Anna), facilitators, annual report production. Any cost to the Accessibility for NexTalk? Not for this committee. Why are the 03 expenses so much more than 04? Is this fiscal year or calendar year? All expenses and the budget process for the IT Accessibility Committee are voted on by the Committee.

Decision/Conclusions: Need completed Focus Area templates to include numbers into the budget, Expenses for Jan/Dec 03 were $22,451.00, Expenses for Jan/Dec 04 were $11,888.00, and Look at chunk of expenses from the budget and break them down for the February meeting . ______________________________________________________________________________
Agenda Item #3: Update on Membership Subcommittee

Notes: Working on recruitment for a PR position, currently in the outreach mode. Currently have no one in line for the position. Working to set up three (3) awards to be presented at the Governor's Employee Recognition Day festivities. One award would be for leadership, the other two awards would change from year to year. Process during the fall and tie in with the annual meeting. Looking for new volunteers for Chair and Vice Chair. Awareness/Visibility focus area needs a Chair. A member from the Membership Subcommittee has volunteered to Chair the A/V focus area.

Decision/Conclusions: If anyone thinks of someone for the PR position please let the Membership Committee know. Awareness/Visibility Leader: Identify position in January, interview in February, recommend by March ______________________________________________________________________________
Agenda Item #4: Update on NexTalk

Description: An improvement to support the deaf community wanting to reach Maine State Government by phone.

NOTES: Two representations to agency reps have been done, one more representation to be done for high level folks, not tech folks on Jan. 31, Feb. 2 Q & A session with ATOs (Agency Technology Officers), Software is on board and training sessions have been given to BIS Network, Desktop, Administrative folks and the State Operators, Outstanding costs issues being resolved, Agencies can use the downloadable installation methodology and download whatever level they are comfortable with. Can download from the Internet with basic instructions or get assistance from BIS staff is the agency does not have IT staff. Installation takes 5 minutes or less. The training piece is being worked out with Leigh Wilkinson from the Bureau of Human Resources. Training to be done by the dept/agency, if agency does not have IT, OIT will do the training. Setting up the process: One script for incoming calls allowing for transfer to the State Operators if necessary, Dept. of Labor will be the pilot group, Who should have NexTalk on their desktop? Agency needs to decide. The State purchases 500 licenses. NexTalk installation and training is a very simple concept. It is a Business concept not an IT concept.
Agenda Item #5: Update on the Web Subcommittee

NOTES: Had first reading of Web standards before the Information Service Policy Board, second reading and voting process will take place at the next ISPB meeting. The draft of the web standards can be located at http://inet.state.me.us/dafs/Web%20Standards%20change%20Draft.htm. Hisoftware was purchased in Fall 04 and training will take place shortly after the webmaster registry is complete to identify web coordinators/primary webmasters. Training data is probably late February or early March. A hands-on computer lab as the desired location is being researched, thanks to offers from the webmaster listserv. The Enterprise server for HiSoft will be housed at BIS and will be monitoring by InforME. Working with BHR on a Web Coordinator position for DOL. Web training needs to echo standards and state approved templates.

Decision/Conclusions: Kathy Record and Bruce meet on statewide web standards, Web Subcommittee work on Focus Area work plans and submit them to Kathy . ______________________________________________________________________________
Agenda Item #6: Update on the Law & Research Development Subcommittee

Description: Should there be a web accessibility law developed for Maine State Government.

NOTES: The team has reviewed other state laws that are available regarding web accessibility. Some states have good points. Working on designing the elements of what would make a good web accessibility law. Reviewing and discussing Section 508 (very huge and a lot to read/review). Select a few states that have points, talk to people in those states (what's working, what is not working, do differently). Next meeting February 4 discussed available contacts. Have discussed the idea of enforcement. There is a lot of information with a lot of variables. Need to look at grievance/complaint processes, look at accessibility of software designed in house and purchased outside. Need to cover all disability groups. Currently the subcommittee is in an exploration process.

Decision/Conclusions: Subcommittee bring recommendation (if there is one) to the IT Accessibility Committee July 1 on law for web accessibility, on applications. ______________________________________________________________________________
Agenda Item #7: New Business

Notes: Vendors attending accessibility meetings. Kathy is working on the annual report. What knowledge does the Governor's Office have on web accessibility? Focus on activities, timelines, budget and how we will track.

Decision/Conclusions: Vendors can attend meetings (public meetings), cannot participate in the meetings, cannot serve on the committees, can only observe. Bruce write article on accessibility for MIST, Include annual report in MIST, Other MIST articles: State templates, awards and categories, HiSoft, Web design structure, and Simply worksheets (Carmen and Kathy)

Agenda for next meeting: February 28

  • Subcommittee Update
  • Review Annual Report
  • Exploratory Governor's meeting

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