February 17, 2004

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Date: February 17, 2004
Location: Cross Office Building Room 300

Carolyn Bebee
Pauline Lamontagne
Kathy Powers
Kathy Record
Jan DeVinney
Floyd White
Val Wood


  • Meeting date
  • Summer intern
  • Membership Sub-committee report
  • Accountability Sub-committee
  • Legal rulings on accessibility
  • Set agenda for next meeting

Next meeting:
Date: March 22, Monday
Time: 2:00 - 4:00
Location: Cross Office Building Room 300

Topic (1): Meeting date
Holidays fall consistently on the third Monday of the month which is our regular meeting day. Since it is difficult for committee members to re-schedule because of other commitments, the team members have decided that the regular day for meetings will be the fourth Monday of the month beginning March 22. This day was the best fit for most of the members.

Topic (2): Summer Intern
Val Wood noticed that the application for a summer intern sponsored by the Margaret Chase Smith program was due March 8. The IT Accessibility Committee cannot get the intern who worked on accessibility last year because an individual can only participate in the program once. It was suggested as an alternative to have a sole source special interest contract. This will be investigated with the CIO. It was suggested that there might be a vacant position at BIS that could be used. This would not exclude having an additional intern from the Margaret Chase Smith program. The work of the intern would be to follow up on the recommendations made in "Maine State Web Accessibility Plan that was develop by the intern last year. Additionally, the committee should develop an implementation plan for the recommendations in the plan as the only means to accomplish them. It was noted that someone will need to spend time with interns for them to be effective.

Topic (3) Report from the Membership Sub-committee
The Accessibility Annual Report 2003 has been completed and will be published on the website and in print form for distribution. After publication, a letter which was approved by the committee will be sent to various consumer groups requesting their participation. The committee is looking for new members. New members should meet three requirements; have a passion for accessibility, be able to attend nine out of twelve meetings, and be willing to serve on sub-committees. Val Wood agreed to stay on as chair. Bette Lamoreau will stay on the committee as a consultant from the Purchasing Department. The committee would like to have InforME involved starting with an invitation to the next meeting and participating in sub-committee efforts. Kelly Hokkanen will be attending the March meeting. The committee is in the process of inviting people to join the IT Accessibility Committee.

Topic (4) Accountability Sub-committee
The committee would like to have a cover letter about accessibility, which has been written, included with RFP's and contracts to give vendors an overview of accessibility. This would be followed up with a meeting with the selected vendor and a power point presentation. The committee is working on an implementation plan.

Topic (5) Legal rulings on accountability
Jon Steuerwalt has created an excellent document on Legal and Administrative Rulings Regarding the Accessibility of Information Technology. This document will be included in presentations that the CIO makes on accessibility at meetings at the cabinet/commissioner level.

Agenda for next meeting:
Report on new members
Update on assigned tasks
Discussion on having a Maine law on accessibility

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