December 15, 2009

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IT Accessibility Committee Meeting
Tuesday, December 19, 2009
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Frances Perkins Room at CMCC

Present: Paul Sandlin, Pauline Lamontagne, Kathy Powers, Eric Dibner, John McMahon, Mike Francoeur, Henry Quintal, Katrina Beaudoin, Bruce Prindall and Steve Campana

Absent: Floyd White, Leah Smith, John Shattuck amd Doug Byrd.

I. Introductions

A.) Mike Francour will be the representative from Steve's office. One way their office will be involved is looking at accessibility of purchases of software before they are purchased. They are developing a protocol or template for looking at accessibility, which is like a set of questions that get asked. Eric asked if we could see this template so we could better understand the process.

Steve stated it is still in formation. We can get a copy of the original system that Floyd developed a while back (VPAT). Part of the process is to describe the accessibility errors that exist, and offer solutions to fix the issues.

B.) Kathy informed group that Doug recently got a part-time job and may not be able to attend. Action Item: We agreed to call him a few days before a meeting and see if he can attend via telephone.

II. Acceptance of agenda / additional items

III. TORQ and similar projects that come in under the radar.

A.) Update on meeting with Tom Howker to discuss the waiver of accessibility process. Bruce has been calling but has not made contact. Will follow up until he gets a response. Bruce doesn't have any other real updates on TORQ. Bruce and Steve will meet to discuss an action item for this issue before our next meeting.

B.) One of the ways TORQ bypassed the accessibility review is that it was not labeled as IT, and came through as part of a grant.

Action Item: We agreed to have a memo go from the ITAC that will go to the Commissioners reminding them to look at OIT resources and accessibility and security issues when they're writing for grants. Bruce and Eric will write a sample memo to this effect and bring it back to ITAC for review.

C.) Katrina stated that the state training program for writing RFP's needs to include this type of information put into their training, as well.

IV. Updates to OIT Website:

A.) Hasn't been updated in some time. Our pages that are there make sense, but they just need to be updated, including members and notes (minutes).

Action Item: Bruce will talk to Peter about duplicate policy links.

B.) There is no longer an accessibility link on the web site.

Action Item: Bruce stated he will do something about that with InforME.

V. Updates on history and accomplishments:

A.) These will be available for inclusion in our educational packet for the new administration by November.

B.) Some of our older Annual Reports contain this type of information, and they are on the web site through 2005. Kathy has the one from 2006. The notes from the facilitators who worked with us in 2008 also contain such things.

Action Item: Bruce will look back and begin to connect the history and achievements of these reports. Action Item: Kathy will contact the facilitator from Maine Support Network and see if they can send the information for the 2008 Annual Meeting.

VI. Revisiting the ITAC Charter:

A.) Discussed Dick Thompson's directive during our recent annual meeting that he wants us to propose, review, and revise policies regarding IT accessibility. He felt this is how we can get more into enforcement. This would still go through Dick. We agreed our current charter was good as written so we only need to add one goal statement. Action Item: Bruce will write a draft goal statement and forward it to Katrina, and then to rest of Committee.

We also need to include plan for implementation of the policies. We agreed to review this as a group as an agenda item at one of our next meetings.

VII. Other questions or topics.

A.) BUC/BRS UI Project. John M. provided background information on this Project, which essentially is to work toward making the computer software used in the Claims Representative job accessible to the JAWS screen reader. John stated that DBVI brought in a person trained in writing the programming scripts necessary to make this system work, and this process has now been completed. The concern now is how to incorporate OIT to ensure the needed level of accessibility remains as part of their overall purview. John thinks that the ITAC can play a central role in this effort.

B.) Accessibility of Windows 2007 and Office 2007: Paul stated that there is currently some type of roll out going on for Office 2007. He thought Floyd did an evaluation on it and found no difficulties. Eric asked if Windows 2007 is accessible. Bruce stated that he is not aware of any accessibility issues.

C.) Web accessibility committee did not have a meeting but rather e-mailed back and forth. The outcome of the e-mails was that Floyd will do a demonstration for the web masters meeting January 19, 2010. Again thanks Floyd

D.) Membership sub committee has not yet completed their work.

E.) Katrina reminded us to revisit all the hard work from our most recent Annual Meeting and make sure we look at these notes at our meetings. Many of the items there could well be agenda items. Group agreed and will all revisit these notes prior to next meeting. Kathy suggested keeping a type of template of running agenda items that she will share.

Next meeting is January 19 from 1 to 3 in Frances Perkins Room.