December 18, 2006

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Full Committee meeting

Present Nancy Melanson for Eric Dibner, Bruce, Paul Sandlin, Leigh Wilkinson, Alan Parks, Leah Smith, Pauline Lamontagne, Kathy, Ellen Wood


Paul Sandlin – Annual report – sending queries to those he needs more information. Will send draft this week.

Allen Parks – Accessible survey tools. Perseus accessible survey conversation – Alan not sure it does a great job – rep said avoid ‘certain tools’ – re tracking information on Perseus.

Create offers low cost – to free- tool for surveys: would like us test and send Alan feedback. If the software works, University system may be considering for purchase.

NextTalk report – Floyd – Gloria Allen completed assignment. Floyd finishing up on the checking for reasons why people are not responding to calls. i.e. a person who was not attending work regularly and no coverage was assigned to that phone.

Oracle dbase/server is quite busy – causes NextTalk to hang at times – discovered and fixed. Current 600 users one on one trained – less than a dozen not personally contacted.

Upgrade to server and software coming in next few months. Alan offered services to survey- spot check after holiday again.

Web Sub: Ellen

  • need to have web coordinator position clarified in state govt. – not necessarily an IT person but instead a focus on communications overall – usability and accessibility knowledge and understanding.
  • Need to have people with more than just a couple of hours per week involvement in the web
  • Setting up another AccVerify session in next couple of months
  • Setting up an outreach session to TEF – Leigh, Paul and Ellen to address OIT people in agencies to understand impact of multimedia usage on web – cost and impact, legal issues, and background to increase their understanding of media expansion.
  • Look at possibility of following university model of core group of experts who manage peoples requests for multimedia
  • HiCaption workshop planned if interest is high enough
  • Help people to understand how to archive and clean up web sites.
  • Tim will catalog agencies still not on templates or failing.
    • Not just about passing AccMonitor – need to be doing manual testing too.
  • Some concern about upgrading to new software versions such as Windows Vista and other Content Management System.

Web Survey update: Paul S- survey completed. 230 responses. 180 webmasters and others ‘special use account’ – significant finding: demographics essentially the same.

State spending 3000 hours per week maintaining web sites. (possible leverage for some change) –

Update on RFP – InforMe – Paul – January 26 going out to RFP for acquisition of network manger services for state internet portal. Looking at more content management process (must be accessible) and would offer means and compelling case to manage content across enterprise in a more efficient and effective manner. Ellen suggests checking Montana state web site for example of content manager output.

Awareness/Membership – Bruce and Carolyn – no new information available. The group wlll meet in first of the year.

Alan Parks will be presenting at workshop for HiSoft in Washington DC campus technology – also in California. Alan will be talking about partnership with state and university system partnership with HiSoft.

Before next montly meeting – Jon Steurwault and Floyd White will meet with Mary Cloutier to discuss the law groups output.

Update in January.

Software evaluation group –Paul – will update next meeting.

BHR updated on web – Paul will check on accessible aspects and update next month.

Floyd did presentation on accessibility for developers group – in house developers about 80 – good opportunity for educating others.

WebSite acceptance still in process – waiting for signature.

Minimum standards. For hosting on offsite hosts – setting stds. Paul working to make sure that accessibility issues are not lost.

Ellen sending out link to web casting in application.

Kathy – C-Sun 2007 – possible scholarship for someone to attend. Good for someone to learn about accessibility.

For next session: Tuesday January 16th – Room 300 – 2 pm. (Martin Luther King holiday is Monday 1/15/07)  Note date changes also for Tuesday February 20 and Tuesday April 17th to accommodate holidays.

Agenda items: January 16th

MediTech – update

Standard reports

2008- C-Sun plan for next years’ session.

 Paul Sandlin assigned to take notes based on November notes.

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