August 21, 2006No Boundaries Logo


Pauline Lamontagne, Chair
Carolyn Bebee
Paul Sandlin
Kathy Powers
Floyd White
Ellen Wood
Eric Dibner
Bruce Prindall
Leigh Wilkinson
Alan Parks

Final Review and Approval of the Accessible Documents/Effective Communication Policy

Subcommittee Updates

  • NexTalk
  • Awareness & Visibility
  • Internet/Intranet & Web Development
  • Membership
  • Telecommunications

Status of Action Items from the July Meeting

  • Carolyn send out e-mail on accessible power point presentations
  • Finalize IT accessibility awards with CIO's Office
  • Paul pursue Judicial Branch using PDF files
  • Review IT portfolios - Karen Tang
  • Work on 10 least improved websites
  • Review Charter to see if it allows outside representation on the ITAC
  • Annual Report and September Retreat (what have subcommittees accomplished for the annual report; what goals have or have not been accomplished adn need to be carried forward)

IT Accessibility Law



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