August, 2002

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Attending: Barbara Buck, Floyd White, Carolyn Beebe, Kathy Powers, Mary Silva, Val Wood, Pauline Lamontagne, Jean Arbour

Facilitator - Val Wood

Agenda Items

Membership Committee Review

Carolyn reviewed outcomes of Membership Committee Meeting (Mary, Carolyn and Kathy attended) held August 6, 2002, including draft annual report template sent to members.

Highlighting the discussion was whether or not to appoint a chair to the Committee. While some concerns were still voiced, it was agreed that a chair would be appointed on a trial basis. Val volunteered to take the responsibility and Mary will serve as staff.

Meeting Schedule

It was proposed that we change our monthly meetings from the 3rd Monday of each month, to the 3rd Tuesday. This would save on rescheduling on Monday holidays and be more convenient for those who Monday's are hectic for. Mary will send out mail to the group asking if Tuesdays work for all. Done 8/19/2002. 7 responses received to date.

Membership Discussion

The group discussed whether or not Eric Dibner (ADA Coordinator, Labor) should serve as a member or simply attend when his schedule and/or the agenda warranted his presence. All agreed that it would be best if he attended as he felt appropriate, which was Eric's preference as well. Mary will call Eric. Done 8/20/2002 and Eric is in agreement with Committee's approach.

Discussion on sub-committee assigned to review current software/web standards and policies.

It was noted that the sub-committee (Floyd White, Mike Francoeur and Kelly Hokkanen) had not met to discuss the reviewing of standards. Discussion centered on focus of group when they did meet, and what the expected outcome was. Mary will contact Kelly again to check her availability, as well as draft a charter for the group to begin work with. Sub-committee meeting set for September 5, 2:00 - 3:30
Review of Annual Report Template

The annual report template drafted by the Membership Committee was reviewed (TEMPLATE DRAFT ATTACHED). The Membership Committee reviewed last year's plan and pulled it together with what has been accomplished, or what is currently in the works, as well as included basis information sections such as Committee history. It was agreed that the template would not only standardize the structure of the annual report, but it will also assist with the new work plan to be developed at September meeting.

No concerns were voiced as to the template structure.

Mary will draft annual report for full Committee review.

The new work plan will be crafted at September meeting and the report will be available in October.

September meeting time and date will be sent out after comments are received from all Committee members. Agenda will be crafting of new work plan.

Accessibility Annual Report Template

Committee History

Narrative of last summer's retreat and how we developed areas framing our operational work plan. Committee structure was reviewed and refine.

Highlight Annual Accomplishments

Operational Work Plan (focus areas)

Administrative Issues, how the Committee works?

Full IT Accessibility Committee
Review and posting of project statuses
Oversight of web content management
Committee communication outreach

Chair and Staff
Administrative functions
Annual retreat arrangements
Scheduling of status meetings as required
Annual budget
Preparing and disseminating annual report
Report on all outreach communication efforts (efforts become activities)
Ongoing accomplishment list
Staff - attends ISMG, Webmasters, ISPB

Membership Committee

Our accessibility website
Review website content with team twice a year
Meet monthly to add content
Awareness Conference
NE IT Conference
MESDA fall conference
Coordinate with Career Day to make accessibility part of the program
Award/Recognition Process
Schedule speakers who can assist with ongoing awareness training
CIO's Governor's report
Regular Accessibility Reporting to Cabinet
Initiate waiver process with ISPB to test
Market our website

Resource & Support
Legislative Hearings, captioning of hearings
FAQ for Accessibility Website

Ongoing monitoring/follow up when policy is breached
User testing of state websites
Procurement language (contract administration)
New bid review process
Web site audit process (annually)
Hardware testing
Updating web accessibility standards - web
Software testing (internal and vendor)
Citrix - national reporting
First Class
Acrobat PDF

National Policy
Communication of national efforts
Research and link where appropriate Maine to national efforts
Maine presented New York with TAMS demo
Sharing status of current private/public sector litigation
Participated (CIO/Purchases) in national survey of states in assistive technology
**NASPO added accessibility to September agenda
Maine's participation in Washington web cast

Maine Policy Development and/or Review
Updating software development standards
Development of hardware standards
Updating of web policy
Telecommunications policy
Closed systems policy


Software development training
Web accessible design
Accessibility awareness in State Management training
PDF training
Disability and functionality awareness training
TTY training

09/02 - 08/03 Plan

Identified Needs


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