April, 2005

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Date: April 25, 2005
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Location: COB - Conf Room 300

Members Present

  • Pauline Lamontagne
  • Kathy Powers
  • Kathy Record
  • Floyd White
  • Ellen Wood
  • Eric Dibner
  • Bruce Prindall
  • Leigh Wilkinson

Members Absent

  • Carolynn Bebee
  • Val Wood

Next Meeting

Date: Monday, May 23, 2005
Time: 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Location: Cross Office Building Room 300

Agenda Items for the May 23 meeting

  • Brainstorming ideas on how to market accessibility
  • Updates on subcommittees (E-mail updated reports to Carmen, Floyd and Pauline) and to Kathy Reocrd to use for the annual report
  • Pauline review the Charter, bring to the meeting, and present to the CIO Council
  • Summer Intern

Agenda Item #1: Update on Template Training - Leigh Wilkinson

Description: Leigh is working on setting up a class called "Dream Weaver III" to move folks into using the state templates for web sites. Currently doing some work on document clarification and the gola is to role out the classes next week. The class wil linclude an accessibility component. He noted the orientation for new employees does present a lot of information (quite full) and need to explore ways to include accessibility.

Decision/Conclusions: Leigh will update the Committee at teh May 23 meeting.

Agenda Item #2: Decision on CPrint

Description: At the March 28 th meeting, Lisa Sorenson gave a CPrint demo. CPrint is a speech to text transcription system developed to help support students who are deal or hard of hearing in general education classes with hearing students. The Committee members discussed the possibilities for using CPrint and its positive impact to include folks who have hearing difficulties, people speak clearer and introduce themselves at meetings, receive a hard copy summary of the meeting.


  • Carmen contact Lisa Sorenson for the CPrint summary from the March 28 th meeting
  • Committee agreed to contact and use CPrint on an as needed basis.

Agenda Item #3: Updates on Website Waivers, Summer Intern, Seeking support from Commissioner Wyke, Involvement of Pat Ende, and Presentation to the CIO Council - Kathy Record

Description: One accessibility waiver has been granted related to GIS mapping. The subject of a new module being added to the BHR system allowing state employees to change demographics on line was brought up and discussed. The product is not accessible, the vendor has applied for a waiver, and the state will be using the TAMS system temporarily to meet accessibility needs. Is there a provision that the waiver could be looked at again, refuse the waiver the second time around, or is a waiver forever? Waivers do get reviewed.

Decision/Conclusions :

  • Need assurance the BHR inaccessible issue will be temporary regarding employees entering demographic changes into the system.
  • Kathy Record keep the Committee posted on other waiver requests.
  • Kathy Record talk with the CIO to involve the IT Accessibility Committee in the waiver process and report back at the next meeting
  • Set up a strategy plan to involve Pat Ende on accessibility from the Governor's Office and possibly have Pat intervene with Commissioner Wyke
  • ISPB is being dissolved as of July 1. Need to review Accessibility Charter and bring to the CIO Council to charter
  • Pauline will review the Charter bring back outcome of her review to the next meeting
  • Look into having the Governor do a press release when NexTalk goes live
  • Kathy Powers will forward to Committee members documentation from a previous meeting of top level management regarding state government and business support for accessibility.
  • Need to find a way to market accessibility. Make accessibility present politically.
  • Eric, Val, Ellen, Kathy Record work with Kelly and Carrie, from InforME, to put report together for the Governor to make his office aware of the templates, NexTalk as they relate to accessibility.
  • Send Accessibility Report to: Governor, Commissioners, Web Coordinators, Carol Welch at UMA, Consumer Group, Julia Bell, Rita Sullivan, etc.

Agenda Item #4: Subcommittee Updates

Description : Subcommittee Chairs/Reps to give updates on accomplishments to date.

Accessibility Law Development: Floyd White

The Committee has been meeting about every three weeks. They have used the ITAC web site to find states that have access laws. They have reviewed these laws and evaluated them, to find the best possible law already out there. The research came down to California and Arkansas for the best example of laws. However, Arkansas is currently in litigation and have a non-disclosure agreement. The Committee will be interviewing folks from the State of California on April 27. They have already interview Cynthia Waddell on April 20 th . Cynthia really was involved in starting accessibility and a key person involved in Section 508. She was extremely instrumental in the Federal Government Section 508. Cynthia did advise CA as a good example. A set of question was developed for the interview with Cynthia and CA. Some issues we all face are monitoring problems, getting everybody on board, accountability and enforcement. CA looks about the best from what we have seen. The Committee is not ready to make a decision on the State of Maine having an accessibility law. Based on the conversation with Cynthia, she recommended we go forward with a law for Maine . There is a lot of work involved in doing this. Some parts of Section 508 are directly related to procurement for Federal Government and may not work well for a state law. Now that we have this information we will review it and work toward moving forward. Need to plan how we would go about putting together an accessibility law for Maine and who will draft the law. The Committee has put together a rough draft of "Elements of a Good Law". CA used Legislative Attorneys to draft their law.

Web Subcommittee: Ellen Wood

Ellen reported on: Personnel : The webmaster directory being built and registering state web coordinators. As of April 19, seventeen departments have registered. Evaluation : On evaluation of websites, the evaluation of software was completed fall of 04, purchased Hi Software (50 licenses). We are reviewing AccMonitor for evaluating all state sites, but initial baseline not done yet. Resources : Forty web coordinators have been trained and received Hi Software licenses as of April 25 . Training : Review of past web classes are complete, and new or updated classes with continued accessibility training and working with the new templates are in development presently. Ongoing Training : Plan to offer quarterly free half-day accessibility workshops open to state webmasters and their managers to include: summer training with guest speakers on general web accessibility, late fall training on accessibility on templates and Contribute, winter training on Hi Software. Need to include 'Word Viewer" on a website when linking Word documents as is being done with PDF documents.

NexTalk Update: Floyd White

NexTalk is moving forward very well right now. It was pushed back two weeks while waiting for more information to be gathered. The Dept. of Labor pilot is going forward. All directories have been set up; all users from DOL have been set up. There is also a web page on the Intranet for NexTalk http://inet.state.me.us/nextalk/ . Current TTY 800 numbers still can be used and request has been made to redirect them. Some number may change. Some agencies are looking at keeping the 800 numbers of going through the State Operators. We will work with folks to help them understand what they are getting and what they are doing. We will not be using scripts. We will meet the deadline for the pilot.

Membership Subcommittee : Working on awards and acknowledgement ideas.


  • Accessibility Law Committee will draft their recommendations for a State of Maine accessibility law and present to the IT Accessibility Committee by July 1, 2005 .

Agenda Item #5: Other Business

Description : Other items the Committee should take into consideration.


  • Set up brainstorming session for ideas to create a higher profile in the Executive Branch/Governor's office
  • Where do we go next?
  • Meet with Pat Ende


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