April, 2002

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Attendees: Pauline Lamontagne, Gil Whitmore, Floyd White, Carolyn Bebe, Val Wood, Kathy Powers, Dick Thompson and Barbara Buck

Kathy gave us an update on Apple. She is the liaison to the rollout committee, which includes designees from the Division of the Blind, Iris Network, Special Services, and the Laptop initiative group. They have met twice regarding children with disabilities in pilot schools. Kathy would like something in writing from the committee to indicate our choice of her to be our liaison. Floyd will work on getting something together.

Kathy has met with Dick Hinkley to discuss getting a couple of iBooks for accessibility testing. A website to check on the laptop program can be found at www.laptopme.org

Discussion was held on Madeline's report. The fact that it was in PDF format was troubling to some of the committee.

Dick handed out two draft documents for discussion the first regarding Terms and Conditions, the second a Summary of Contract terms approach. These were discussed as well as 3rd party testing. It was suggested that 3rd party testing be on board from the beginning of a contract. This would put more focus on accountability as the project progresses. Baseline standard needs to be established. Pauline will check more thoroughly into 3rd party testing.

Mary asked for questions on her updates. Floyd suggested putting the minutes out on the Accessibility website but the group decided to just highlight what topics were discussed and the upcoming agenda. Mary will speak to Judy. Carolyn would like to continue the Accessibility box that is published in the MIST newsletter that BIS publishes. The committee agreed.

Mary gave us an update on Citrix. She will be meeting with Sheldon Byrd to make him familiar with our standards and answer any questions he may have.

Next meeting will be held on May 20th, 2:00 p.m., in room 300 of the Cross Building.

Agenda will include:

Chairperson discussion.
Update from the membership committee
An Apple update
Discussion on the Technical Conference
An update from Dick and Pauline.

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