Focus Areas

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The Committee this year documented five focus areas that allow the group to meet their charter, and then identified initiatives that would support each area. That list is as follows:

Visibility and Awareness
State of Maine accessibility website

  • Review website content with team twice a year
  • Meet monthly to add and/or update content
  • Market our website
  • Create FAQ for Accessibility Website
    Annual report on accessibility to Cabinet
    Awareness Conferences/Seminars sponsored by Committee
    Participation in private sector IT functions to expand awareness of accessibility
    MIST (Regular articles addressing accessibility)
    Award/Recognition process for those leading the way for accessible technology
    CIO's monthly report to Governor includes accessibility section
    Identify where accessibility could be improved and make recommendations
When does the IT Accessibility Committee meet, and can anyone review their minutes?

They meet the 3rd Monday of every month and all notes are posted on the website:

Ongoing monitoring and follow up when accessibility policies are breached
Compliance testing of state websites
Improved procurement language (contract administration)
New bid review process which will include accessibility representation
State of Maine self audit process for all websites, including review of accessibility
Hardware testing for accessibility compliance
Updating web accessibility standards
Software testing (Internal and Vendor)
Initiate waiver process with ISPB

Resource & Support
Identify testing resources (software and hardware)
Build an accessibility sharing library
Publish best practices on website and in MIST
Create list of expertise in accessibility to assist as needed

National Policy
Communication of national efforts
Research and link where appropriate Maine to national efforts
Sharing status of current private and public sector litigation

Targeted product training on accessibility

  • PDF
  • Dreamweaver
  • Home Page Reader
  • Bobby
  • Software development training in universal design
  • Accessibility awareness incorporated into new employee orientation
  • Accessibility awareness in mandatory management training
  • Accessible web design

How do I find out the schedule of training sponsored by the accessibility committee?

There are multiple ways to get this information:

1. The accessibility website

2. Contacting Mary K. Silva in The Office of the Chief Information Officer (624-7574, who serves as staff for the Committee.

3. Check with your Agency Technology Officer as all training notices are sent to the ISMG.

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