Accomplishments of 2001 - 2002 (Identified By Focus Areas)

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Visibility and Awareness
Promoted accessibility presence at private sector IT conferences
Launched new state accessibility website
Participated in National/State conferences highlighting accessibility efforts

  • Maine's participated in Washington web cast on procuring accessible technology
  • Maine's Office of the CIO and Division of Purchases were selected to contribute to a national survey of states and accessibility
  • Maine's Director of Purchases requested NASPO (National Association of State Procurement Officers) add accessibility to their conference agenda.
  • Maine demonstrated the accessibility features of MSTAMS (Maine's time and attendance system) to New York State at their annual IT Conference

Coordinated vendor compliance status discussions
Chartered Policy and Standard Review Sub-Committee
Chartered Contract Language Review Sub-Committee

Resource & Support
Started resource library (software and documentation) for state access
Purchased appropriate software for individuals willing to test applications
Chartered Accessible Web Design Team
Launched new state accessibility website
Recruited additional resources for the Committee
Resources include:

  • Web design personnel specializing in accessibility
  • Members and identified resources for deaf community
  • State Accessibility Coordinator
  • Software design accessibility specialists

National Policy

Maine is represented on accessible information technology issues to the Northeast Regional ADA Technical Assistance Center, Boston MA.

Maine is also represented on a national work group of the Information Technology and Training Technical Assistance Center (ITTATC) that identifies issues and develops resources related to accessible electronic and information technology for states and the federal government.

What is the best resource to help me understand the requirements of Section 508?

While there are numerous resources to on this topic, the Department of Justice website provides an excellent overview.

Delivered initial on site state training for Dreamweaver (web design product with improved accessibility features.)
Incorporated Dreamweaver training into standard BHR training curriculum
Held web accessibility testing workshops
Scheduled TTY training

Refined Committee structure (addition of chair and staff)
Chartered Membership Sub-Committee for ongoing review of membership

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