Name: Department/ Agency:
Jim Smith DAFS/ Office of Information Technology - Chief Information Officer
Greg McNeal DAFS/ Office of Information Technology - Chief Technology Officer
Cabinet Departments (Executive Branch):
Doug Cotnoir DAFS/ State Controller's Office
David Lavway, Henry Jennings, Courtney Marchelletta Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
Martin Murphy Corrections
Bruce Fitzgerald Defense, Veterans and Emergency Management/ Maine Emergency Management Agency
Denise Garland Economic and Community Development
Brian Snow Education
Marc Cone Environmental Protection
Jonathan Nass Governor's Office
Jonathan LaBonte Governor's Office of Policy and Management
David Simsarian Health and Human Services
Andrea Erskine, Bill Swan Inland Fisheries and Wildlife
Christopher Boudreau Labor
Meredith Mendelson Marine Resources
Anne Head Professional and Financial Regulation
Major Chris Grotton Public Safety
Jerry Casey Transportation
Paul Fortier Workers' Compensation Board
Bert Bilodeau Service Center - Natural Resources Agencies
Other Agencies:
Harry Lanphear Public Utilities Commission
Tammy Marks State Archives (Secretary of State)
Janet McKenney State Library