Technology Awards 2002

2002 Digital State Survey, Part III - A comprehensive study by the Center for Digital Government, Government Technology magazine and The Progress & Freedom Foundation, Maine placed 1st in Taxation/Revenue, and 14th in Education and GIS Transportation [view top 25 States in the 2002 Digital State Survey]


Maine has one of the best state government websites in the country, But Governor Angus King wants it improved. (August 2002)

GovSpot - site of the Month (July 2002) Everything you ever wanted to know about Maine is now in one place, click here for [Site of the Month (July 2002)- full article]

Maine Ranks 3rd in Delivering E-Services (January, 2002)
A January 2002 study by the PricewaterhouseCoopers Endowment for The Business of Government rated Maine's Web Portal 3rd behind California and North Dakota in delivering e-service. The study focused on openness, customization, usability and transparency. "Top states provide online access to services, contact information for key agencies, and have developed portals that are usable by most constituents of the state." The reported noted that states should emphasize customer service and organize the portal around events rather than departments. This report and others will be used by the ISPB's E-government committee to enhance the States' e-services to the citizens of Maine.

PFF Honors Maine with Digital State 2001 Award (January, 2002)
Progress & Freedom Foundation Research Fellow Kent Lassman presented a Digital State 2001 Award to Maine Governor Angus S. King, Jr. and Maine Chief Information Officer Harry Lamphear in recognition of Maine's rank among the top five states in the 2001 Digital State Survey. Maine tied for 5th place with Arizona in 2001 survey. Lassman, author of the report, noted that Maine jumped from 35th place in the 2000 survey to 5th in 2001. Maine ranked 2nd in the category of E-Commerce & Business Regulation and 3rd in Social Services and in Management & Administration. Illinois and Kansas tied for 1st place and Washington ranked 3rd in 2001.

Maine Ranks #3 in Best of the Web (September, 2001)
The Center for Digital Government rated Maine's portal third behind California and Pennsylvania in their annual Best of the Web contest. Perennial winner's Virginia and the State of Washington followed Maine. Maine's submission was rated against a total of 396 state and local government entries. The sites were judged for their innovation, use of online technology to deliver government services, efficiency, economy and ease of access. Last year Maine received honorable mention but improvements to the site allowed us to leapfrog several states to win this prestigious award. The Governor held a press conference on September 6th to tout this significant achievement.

Maine Ranks #3 in Digital State Survey for Management/Administration Category (October, 2001)
The Center for Digital Government ranked Maine third in the nation for its management and administrative policies related to technology and eGovernment. The Center found that key elements in this category include "an empowered CIO, a decision-making organization or commission, the implementation of statewide architecture and the rollout of intergovernmental projects that include a "no-wrong-door" portal for citizens."

Brown University Study Rates Maine #1 in Website Accessibility (September, 2001)
The State and Federal E-Government in the United States, 2001 study by Brown University rated Maine's state web sites first in accessibility. Quoting from the report, "When looking at disability access by individual states, it is clear there is tremendous variation in the percentage of each state's sites that are accessible. The states doing the best job on disability access are Maine (60 percent of their sites are accessible), Illinois (58%), Minnesota (54%), the U.S. Federal Government (53%), and Connecticut (48%)."

Maine Receives #2 Ranking in Digital State Survey for Electronic Commerce Category (August, 2001)
The Center for Digital Government ranked Maine second in the nation for development of eGovernment services and availability of online forms.

Maine Ties for Second Place in Digital State Survey for Social Services Category (June, 2001)
The Center for Digital Government awarded Maine a score of 95.83 points out of 100 for its electronic delivery of social services. The survey rating reflected Maine's changes in child support payment collection. "Maine officials initiated an automated collection system in 1990, when approximately $38.2 million was received. Each year, collection efforts showed significant increase to amount to $92.7 million in fiscal year 2000."