Unit Hearings

Bureau of Employee Relations
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No.: OSER-11

Date: December 24, 1975

SUBJECT: Unit Hearings

TO: All Department and Agency Heads

FROM: Lanning S. Mosher, Director

The State is currently involved in hearings before the Maine Labor Relations Board to resolve the dispute between the State and petitioning employee organizations over the composition of bargaining units for State employees. It is in our best interests to cooperate with employee organizations, provide them information necessary to conduct these hearings, and to release a reasonable number of necessary employees to appear as witnesses, However, to ensure that our policy is implemented with a mining of inconvenience and confusion to State management, we have set up two procedures with employee organizations of which you should be aware.

(1) Requests for Information. We have asked each employee organization to direct any requests for information to this office. We will then, in turn, contact agencies as necessary. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that information is provided in a form which will meet the needs of the employee organizations without any duplication of State effort. It is possible that employee organizations may ask for something in a form not readily available in one area, but which exists in a satisfactory form somewhere else, and both the employee organization and the State will benefit by having requests directed through this office. If you receive requests directly from the employee organizations or representatives of employee organizations, please refer them to Mr. Roland Nichols of this office.


(2) Employee Witnesses. It is our policy to release a reasonable number of necessary witnesses needed by employee organizations to present their case to the Board without charge to leave credits. We have asked employee organizations to submit names and work locations of any employees needed as witnesses to this office one week prior to the date of the hearing at which they are expected to testify so that we may arrange for their release. Our policy is only to prevent an employee from losing pay as a result of appearing as a witness and we will , therefore, not consider the time spent at such hearings outside of regular working hours as time worked for pay or overtime purposes, and there will be no compensatory time off granted for time spent in such hearings outside of normal shift hours or on vacation or pass days.

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