Maine Libraries Snapshot Results 2012

Snapshot 2012 was held during the week of October 15th. One hundred twenty seven (127) libraries of all types participated in this semi-annual event. The breakdown by type of library is: 13 academic, 89 public, 19 school and 6 special libraries. The Maine State Library offers a big Thank You to all the libraries who took the time to be part of Snapshot 2012. We couldn't do this without your involvement.

The total value of the reported activities was $861,051 - imagine how large that number would be if all Maine libraries had participated.

During Snapshot week, libraries:

  • Welcomed 33,407 people
  • Loaned 40,041 books and more
  • Helped 9,108 people access the Internet
  • Answered 2,946 questions
  • Assisted 43 job seekers
  • Offered 240 programs for all ages
  • Taught computer skills to 693 people

A record of what happens on a typical day at a Maine Library!