Miller, Wiley (1951 - )

Genre: General Fiction, Illustrator

Wiley Miller is the man behind the award-winning comic strip Non Sequitur set in fictional Whatchacallit, ME.

He was born and raised in California and studied art at Virginia Commonwealth University. He worked at a Hollywood educational film studio before becoming an editorial cartoonist in North Carolina and later for the San Francisco Examiner.

Miller was named Best Editorial Cartoonist by the California Newspaper Publishers Association in 1988; he won the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism Award for editorial cartooning in 1991. His comic strip Non Sequitur has won the National Cartoonists Society's Newspaper Panel Cartoon Award for 1995, 1996 and 1998 and their Newspaper Comic Strip Award for 1992.

Miller and his family moved from "too perfect" Santa Barbara to Kennebunkport for the creative influence it afforded.


  • Why We'll Never Understand Each Other (2003)
  • The Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil (2006)
  • Attack of the Volcano Monkeys (2008)

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