Dolbier, Maurice (1911 - 1993)

Genre: Children's Literature, Drama/Theatre/Film, General Fiction

Author, actor, radio-personality Maurice Dolbier was born and raised in Skowhegan, ME. He graduated from Skowhegan High School in 1929, then studied dramatics at the Whitehouse Academy in Boston. He was an announcer at the radio station WABI in Bangor, radio editor of the Providence Journal and a news analyst. He wrote two novels, six children's books and several plays.

Selected Bibliography

  • Jenny, the Bus that Nobody Loved (1944)
  • The Magic Shop (1946)
  • The Half Pint Jinni and other Stories (1948)
  • Nowhere Near Everest (1955)
  • A Lion in the Woods (1955)
  • All Wrong On The Night; A Comedy Of Theatrical Errors (1966)
  • The Mortal Gods (1971)