MARVEL Update Information - June 2018

Review a recorded Zoom Meeting (from Monday June 4 – 10:00am) regarding new MARVEL resources. Please jump to 10min. And 30 seconds as that is when the meeting begins.Please click on the download link in the top right corner to play the meeting.

Statewide Database Crosswalk [PDF, 94 KB]

Statewide Database Information Sheet for Librarians [145 KB]

Marvel Database Update - PDF - PowerPoint-June 2018 [9.9 MB]

FAQ for Academic Librarians [Google doc]



MARVEL! Maine's Virtual Library Resources

Ancestry resources to use

MARVEL!, Maine's virtual library, provides every resident of Maine with access to a collection of full text and abstracts from magazines, newspapers and reference books that are credible, reputable resources.

Customize this MARVELous guide for your own library! Download MARVEL guide [Word,559 KB]; PDF version [PDF, 601 KB]

Narrated Powerpoint Presentations (PPT) by Stephanie Zurinski, Central Maine Library Consultant. The PDF files below require the free Adobe Reader.

Remember that Ancestry Library Edition is available ONLY from within a public library]. There is NO access from home like other MARVEL resources.

Please use any resource related to MARVEL! here for your students and patrons. Feel to add your school or public library contact information and copy what you want.

Handouts from MARVEL training

Some files on the rest of this page are provided in PDF or Microsoft Word formats. To view PDF documents, you will need the free Adobe Reader. To view MS Word documents, you will need Microsoft Word or the free Word Viewer.

Accessing MARVEL!

Helpful Links

  1. About Marvel
  2. MARVEL Cost Savings [PDF, 82 KB];created Feb, 2011

Posters and Bookmarks

  1. Ancestry posters, webinars and other resources
  2. Large MARVEL! poster.pdf (PDF, 78.8 KB), Large MARVEL! poster.doc (Word, 542 K)
  3. Small (8 x11) MARVEL! poster.pdf (PDF 77.1 KB), Small (8 x11) MARVEL! poster.doc (Word 757.0 KB)
  4. Bookmarks with Maine.pdf (PDF, 196 KB), Bookmarks with (Publisher, 518 KB) , Bookmarks with Maine. doc (Word, 787 KB)
  5. Bookmarks with man.pdf (PDF, 59.5 KB), Bookmarks with (Publisher, 700 KB), Bookmarks with man.doc (Word 787 KB)

Adding MARVEL! icon to the desktop

Yes, you may put a link anywhere you like with certain requirements:


  • Your website
  • An icon on computer desktops in your building
  • Email signatures


  • MARVEL! is for use within Maine only.
  • MARVEL! link must only be to the MARVEL! home page ( ) and not directly to any of the individual databases themselves.
  • Use only the copyright @ icon, available in different sizes: MARVEL! Maine's Virtual Library(100 x 39 pixels)
  • Icons below. (This MARVEL! logo was created by a New Century Grant)

Directions to add icon to a web page:

  1. To save MARVEL! for your web page or computer desktop, right click on it or control-click and then choose "Save Picture As" or "Save Image as" to your computer. Navigate to a location on your computer to save this image. It's best to save your images in an image folder inside your web site folder.
  2. Please follow the directions for your web editor since "inserting an image" can be different for software.
  3. General: Align cursor where you want the image placed.
  4. Select the "Insert" or "Insert Image".
  5. Browse to the location on your computer where you saved the MARVEL! image and select it.
  6. Be sure to upload this image to your web server so the image will show. Web browser do link to this image for displaying.
  7. Add alternative or "alt" text for any image on your web pages. "ALT" text makes information about the image available to visually-impaired users. Follow directions for ALT for your web editor or add alt="MARVEL! logo" or alt="MARVEL! Maine's Virtual Library" within the image tag of the HTML code.To use MARVEL! as a link, choose the image and follow the directions of your web editor.
  8. Need to remove the blue border around "MARVEL!" image when it is a link? Set the image tag attribute border to zero. Example: <a href=""><img src="marvel3.gif" alt="MARVEL! logo" border="0"> </a>.

MARVEL! Graphics

  • Web graphics
    • MARVEL! Maine's Virtual Libraryalt="Marvel, Maine's Virtual Library width="100" height="39"
    • Marvel, Maine's Virtual Libraryalt="Marvel, Maine's Virtual Library" width="150" height="58"
    • MARVEL! Maine's Virtual Libraryalt="Marvel, Maine's Virtual Library" width="195" height="75"
  • Printable MARVEL Images